Two 16-year-olds were given life sentences in Britain for the brutal murder of a friend


Sixteen-year-old Gheya was attacked in February 2026 in a park in Warrington, near Liverpool, where she was lured. They were interrupted by the dog handlers, but Brianna couldn’t be helped anymore.

“Both of you participated in a brutal and premeditated murder that was sadistic in nature and the ulterior motive of which was hostility towards Brianna because of her transgender identity. You chose her because you thought she would be an easy target,” Judge Amanda Yip said, according to The Guardian.


Brianna Ghey

The court also heard that Jenkinson had tried to poison Ghey with ibuprofen in the weeks before the murder, which she claimed would “boost” her.

Death list

According to witnesses, she had a list of people she wanted to kill, and Ghey was one of them. Judge Yip said Jenkinson was motivated by a “deep desire to kill”. “So big that after her detention she wrote a new list which included the names of some of the doctors and carers who looked after her in detention,” the judge said.

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Jenkinson told a psychiatrist that she stabbed Brianna “repeatedly” and found it “exciting”. She admitted that she “intended to take parts of Brianna’s body.” She had previously told Ratcliffe that she would like to marry her “pretty eyes”.

Jenkinson’s initial psychiatric evaluation suggested she had features of autism and ADHD, but a post-conviction psychiatrist changed his diagnosis to say she had “a severe form of dissocial conduct disorder, one of the features of which is lack of empathy”.

Murderess in tow

Eddie Ratcliffe, once a quiet and studious kickboxing champion, was, according to psychiatrists, completely autistic to Jenkinson. “But that doesn’t lessen his guilt,” the judge noted.

Ratcliffe was involved in drawing up a “death list” where he included four boys he disliked. One because he thought he was a zero, the other he thought was a love interest, and the other two “didn’t like” Jenkinson’s friend.

They both decided to murder Gheya. “It will be easier to kill her,” they agreed in one of the thousands of text messages exchanged before the February 11, 2023 murder.

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The two teenagers plotted to kill Gheya when they were 15, the court heard. Jenkinson hand-wrote a plan of where and when Brianna should be murdered. They even had designated places to stab her. And the signal, the word ‘gay’, to start the attack in Warrington Park.

Without mercy

Both convictions can be released on “condition”. For Jenkinson, it comes into consideration after 22 years at the earliest, for Ratcliffe after 20.

“Aged just 16, Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe are convicted killers responsible for the brutal murder of a vulnerable young girl who thought they were her friends. They have been given a life sentence and have shown no remorse,” said prosecutor Nicola Wyn Williams.

The names of both perpetrators were withheld throughout the trial due to their young ages. But on Friday, the judge named them for the first time. She justified it by their terrible behavior.

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