Goodbye letter? General Zaluzhny described how the Ukrainians could win the war

Goodbye letter? General Zaluzhny described how the Ukrainians could win the war
Goodbye letter? General Zaluzhny described how the Ukrainians could win the war
  • Zaluzhny described how the Ukrainians could regain the upper hand in the war.
  • Minister Kamyšin says that 2024 will be the year of drones.
  • Return to the attack on the Russian corvette: Drones have reached a narrow bay.
  • How many FVP drone attacks did the Ukrainians have and how many did the Russians have.
  • Infographic of the day: Where and how many Russian ships have been sunk by the Ukrainians so far.
  • Video of the day: Newly released footage from Hostomel 2022.

The information in this text is a summary of events for Thursday, February 1. The situation may be different in some places.

It may be his last public speech as head of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. General Valery Zaluzhny published an essay on Thursday in which he described what Ukrainians need to successfully wage war against the Russian aggressor. The document is also available in English, a shortened version of the general’s comment was published by the American CNN.

Zaluzhnyi did so a few days after a very intense debate began about the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi could replace him. This is a relatively common thing in war – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill changed his chief of staff twice during World War II – but in the case of Ukraine it attracts a lot of attention.

Zaluzhny, who has led the army since 2021, helped modernize it and fend off the initial Russian attack, but has outgrown the post. His popularity is higher than that of Zelensky, and it is speculated that the president is afraid that he might challenge him in a possible presidential election.

Zaluzhny published a similar essay in November when it was published by the Economist. Zelenskyy then allegedly became angry. According to him, he published more of the Ukrainian strategy than he should have.

This time the general seems to have been more cautious, but it’s still worth reviewing his understanding of the current situation. In short, it can be written that he sees basically one way in which Ukraine can have an advantage:

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