The US launched retaliatory strikes in Syria and Iraq

The US launched retaliatory strikes in Syria and Iraq
The US launched retaliatory strikes in Syria and Iraq

Among other things, the targets were command and intelligence posts and ammunition depots, according to a statement published on the X network. According to him, the bombing hit groups responsible for attacks on American and allied troops in the region.

The United States launched the strikes in retaliation for a drone strike that killed three American soldiers at a base in northeastern Jordan on Sunday. With reference to unnamed American officials, this is reported by the world media. The AP agency writes about airstrikes on dozens of targets, Syrian state media reports dead and wounded after “American aggression”.

US media reports that today’s airstrikes could be the first wave of a longer military operation against armed groups backed by Iran, which Washington has blamed for recent attacks on US troops in the region. According to AP information, the Americans attacked command posts, ammunition depots and other infrastructure with planes and drones.

Simultaneously with the information from Washington, reports of explosions and casualties began to arrive from Syria. According to Reuters, Syrian state media reported US “aggression” in several locations and reported an unspecified number of dead and wounded.

US President Joe Biden decided on retaliatory measures this week, without indicating in advance what form they would take. The impetus was a deadly drone attack that hit a US base near the Jordanian-Syrian border. US troops in the region have been targeted by drones or missiles more than 160 times since last October, but Sunday’s incident was the first in which an American was killed.

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