Carl Weathers, actor of Apollo Creed, has died

Carl Weathers, actor of Apollo Creed, has died
Carl Weathers, actor of Apollo Creed, has died

He used to be an American football player, then became a Hollywood action star. Carl Weathers died yesterday at the age of 76, reports the AP agency. His family released a statement saying he died “peacefully in his sleep”.

He became famous, for example, thanks to the movie Rocky, in which he played Apollo Creed alongside Sylvester Stallone, who is at first Rocky’s enemy, who later “turns out to be an ally”. In the movie Predator, he played the role of Colonel George Dillon alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Viewers may also remember him from the recent hit series The Mandalorian, where Weathers appeared in all three series, directing one of the episodes.

Growing up in New Orleans, Weathers began performing in plays in elementary school. But in high school, his passion for athletics took him in a different direction. However, he later returned to acting.

He thus appeared in several films, including the film In the Heat of the Night or the TV series Starsky & Hutch. After fighting the Nazis alongside Harrison Ford in Navarone Division 10, Weathers got his breakout role as Creed. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he said that his beginnings in this cult series were not easy. For example, he had to lie about his boxing experience to get the role.

Among Weathers’ idols were, for example, the actor Woody Strode or the boxer Muhammad Ali. “There are so many people who came before me that I admired and whose success I wanted to emulate and just kind of reach the standards that they achieved. Who created a path for me to follow and through which I found success. And I hope I can inspire someone else to do good work too. I think I’m just a happy person,” AP quoted Weathers as saying in a 2023 Detroit News interview.

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