A fifth of Czechs hide their income from their partners, and even have secret accounts

A fifth of Czechs hide their income from their partners, and even have secret accounts
A fifth of Czechs hide their income from their partners, and even have secret accounts

According to him, over 80 percent of Czechs living in a household with a partner do not rely only on a single joint account and also have their own money. A total of 15 percent of Czechs do not even share information about the status of their account with their partner, and almost the same percentage of the population has their own fund or account that their partner does not know about at all.

“We know from our research that for many people, money is a private and sensitive topic that is uncomfortable to talk about,” said Monika Hrubá from Česká spořitelna.

84 percent of men and women know their partner’s income, but almost a fifth of both groups have hidden some extraordinary income from their partner in the past. More often than not, men did not mention this fact to their partners. They also more often take out loans that their counterpart does not know about.

“Although it may seem stereotypical, while men more often hide spending on electronics or car accessories, women spend significantly more often on clothes, shoes or cosmetics without their partner’s knowledge,” pointed out Tomáš Odstrčil, editor-in-chief of Europe in data.

Execution problem

In extreme cases, hidden expenses can lead to execution proceedings. It is not an exceptional phenomenon that debtors’ spouses react with surprise that a debt arose during their marriage, which is even enforced. “In such a case, they regularly express their disapproval of the creation of debt. In certain cases, such a disagreement can lead to a limitation of the penalty for property in the common property of the spouses,” said the president of the Executor’s Chamber of the Czech Republic, Jan Mlynarčík.

However, most Czech couples decide and pay expenses together. The exception is everyday shopping, which, according to the survey, is more often done by women. According to them, they are more often responsible for larger expenses for children. On the contrary, it is up to men to buy more expensive durable goods, such as electronics or furniture.

According to their own assessment, more than half of Czechs are satisfied with their own household’s financial situation, whether it is income, savings, ability to repay loans or preparedness for unexpected expenses.

Roughly a third are very or rather dissatisfied, and none of the options prevails for the rest. “In general, people living with a partner and single are more satisfied with their financial situation than divorced and widowed people,” added Kamila Fialová from the AV Institute of Sociology.

84 percent of Czechs are trying to reduce expenses. Most Czechs limit visits to restaurants and buying food outside the home. However, the effort to reduce expenses for housing, heating and energy and water consumption is also significant.

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