Disinformation is spreading in China about the Texas Civil War


Voice of America (VOA) reporter specializing in China on the X network https://twitter.com/ThisIsWenhao/status/1751984914440843336that it was the most popular US-related news on Weibo in recent days.

The posts are accompanied, for example, by old footage from the US Fox News channel showing members of armed groups dressed in camouflage preparing to “defend the border” or videos of tanks, which were originally shot in Chile, not Texas.

Photo: Go Nakamura, Reuters

Protesters pray at a ranch in Quemado, Texas. They are protesting against the influx of migrants from South American countries. Chinese social networks interpret it as a civil war.

According to the BBC, Weibo has somewhat restricted this type of content, specifically posts with the hashtag TexasDeclaresAStateOfWar now display a warning that “according to relevant laws, regulations and rules, content on this topic cannot be displayed”. However, a number of posts remain on the platform, which has around 600 million monthly users.

Although the authorities in China largely block foreign media, some of their content is often selected and disseminated to point to the depravity of American society, the BBC reports.

Although the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is most likely not going to start a civil war, the information about his significant disagreements on migration with the Democratic administration of President Joe Biden has a real basis.

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