The so-called city killer is approaching the Earth. NASA scientists warn of a giant asteroid

  • An asteroid is flying towards Earth
  • NASA warns against it

Astronomers have discovered an asteroid that is about the size of a football stadium. It will fly by the Earth in just a few hours at a very close distance, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) informed.

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An asteroid is approaching Earth

The asteroid, which was named 2008 OS7, belongs to those that we definitely do not want to see in the orbit of planet Earth. Its diameter is 210 to 480 meters, which would have fatal consequences for us in the event of a collision – its impact would cause the entire city to be obliterated.

The accumulated data show that this asteroid is about half the size of the famous asteroid Bennu, from which NASA took samples, and at least 70 times smaller than the Vredefort meteorite.

According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the massive boulder will fly by at 66 kilometers per hour at a distance of about 2.85 million kilometers. To put it in perspective, that’s more than seven times farther than the Moon orbits the Earth.

Due to its size and “close flyby”, 2008 OS7 is classified as potentially dangerous, although it will never come close enough to hit our planet.

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He would wipe the city from the surface

2008 OS7 is a spacecraft with a highly elliptical orbit, meaning it does not orbit the Sun evenly. Because of this, the distance between it and Earth changes whenever this space rock approaches our planet. When the asteroid flew past us shortly after its discovery in 2008, it was about 90 million kilometers away.

Scientists have only observed flybys of 2008 OS7 twice so far. However, based on the data regarding the orbit of this space rock, they were able to simulate each of its approaches until 2198 and found that its collision with the Earth is ruled out for now.

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