Pupils do not have a problem with bluffing. For the entrance examinations, the mountain ranges for understanding the text


The Scio company prepares thousands of students for secondary school entrance exams through its courses. Although the preparation should take place over a long period of time, even during the last weeks before their event, it is not necessary to throw a flint in the rye and a lot can still be caught up. At the same time, the dreaded mathematics is not usually the main problem, according to the measurements and tests organized by the organization. “Measurement of knowledge shows that there is a deterioration in pupils, especially in the Czech language,” says Bohuslav Bohuněk, head of the company’s communications.

There is still time to properly prepare for the high school entrance exams. The main thing is to understand the assignment correctly.

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Bohuslav BohunekSource: with the permission of Bohuslav BohuňekEntrance exams are two months away. When should students start preparing for entrance exams?
The one who starts preparing now, figuratively starts in five minutes to twelve. It was ideal to start already in the fall. On the other hand, a large number of children leave their preparation for the period after the report card, so it can be said that now is the peak of preparation. As the admissions deadline approaches, the popularity of various very intensive preparatory courses grows.

The nervousness and effort to process as much information as possible in many children leads to “crushing” even at the last moment, for example in the school building during the admissions itself. From the parents’ point of view, when is it most appropriate to order STOP and give the children space to rest?
Studying the day before or directly on the day of the exams is neither beneficial nor effective. I think a week before exams there should already be a rest phase, just light repetitions.

RECEIVERS. In which cjrajs do children manage them better, where worse:

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When mathematics was also introduced as a compulsory component for the unified entrance exams, it caused great controversy and concern. What is the situation now? Is math such a problem? Is it in the worst performing section?
Here I would like to add that Scio does not create the tests themselves, they fall under Cermat. In our admissions, we vaguely but accurately simulate the form of the Cermat entrance exams. Here we can see that readiness for the mathematics test this year is roughly the same as last year, but in the case of Czech it is worse.

As part of another project, we are also testing what we have acquired so far students’ knowledge elementary schools. And from the testing of 22,000 ninth-graders this school year, it emerged that in the case of mathematics there was a slight decrease in knowledge, but a more significant deterioration occurred in the Czech language.

What gives students the biggest problems in mathematics?
For example, knowledge in geometry falters. We also attribute this to the consequences of covid and the need to learn from home. Geometry is really hard to learn through an online class. Word problems are also problematic. For example, children are good at calculating equations, but find it difficult to calculate word problems.

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And in Czech?
If I were to summarize it simply, the pupils show an inability to understand the written text. For example, say if something in the text is true or not, if something follows from the text, if they don’t understand some words, and so on. It shows that they have no problem learning something by heart, as they say, bluffing is not a problem. Therefore, they have a good command of grammar, they have knowledge of linguistic phenomena.

Source: DiaryHow do you explain that?
One explanation is that children prefer simpler language. Instead of reading books, they prefer easier online communication. And of course they will also play a role reverberations of covid.

The article is in Czech

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