Wives of Russian soldiers gathered in front of the Kremlin. The police took away all the journalists from the scene


Wives of Russian soldiers gathered at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexandrovsky Garden near the Kremlin, Meduza reported. Women from the association Cesta domý have been demanding for a long time that their loved ones be replaced by professional soldiers on the Ukrainian front and return home. They are demanding that President Vladimir Putin sign a decree ending the mobilization.

At the same time, the event on the spot reminded that on Saturday 500 days had already passed since the announcement of mobilization in Russia. Women, as well as men, wore white scarves and placed red flowers near the Eternal Flame. Cesta home organizes similar events every Saturday, this was already the ninth in a row.

According to the estimates of the telegram channel Ostorožno, novosti, about 200 people took part in the rally on Saturday. Shortly before that, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office warned against calls and participation in “uncoordinated mass actions”.

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According to Sota’s Telegram account, the police began detaining journalists in nearby Manezhnaya Square. He posted videos showing several police officers leading men wearing Press vests into cars. According to Ostorožno, novosti, about 25 journalists were detained in this way, the police took them to the office. The channel reported that journalists from Beware, News, Sota.Vision, Kommersant, France Press, Spiegel, as well as human rights activists from the Movement for Human Rights, were detained.

Maria Andreeva from Cesta domju tried to prevent the detainees from being taken away by standing in front of the police car. She told the police that a relative of the mobilized man was also inside: “He is our man, he has not violated anything, check the documents and let him go.” But she was soon pushed away and the car drove off.

Photo: Uncredited, ČTK/AP

Wives of Russian soldiers mobilized to fight in Ukraine talk after laying flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin Wall in Moscow

They moved to Putin’s campaign staff

Later, the wives of the movement moved in front of the election staff of President Putin, who is running for re-election in the March presidential elections. There, the police continued to arrest those men they had not arrested earlier, Sota said. According to the human rights organization OVD-Info, seven more journalists were detained in front of the crew, including Andrej Zaikov, a representative of the Japanese television company Fuji.

The OVD Info project reported that the police detained a total of 27 people, most of whom were later released without being charged.

The Russian-language service of the BBC recalls that at the end of last November, the people of the Way Home, who initially united around the telegram channel of the same name, tried to organize protest actions with the aim of demobilizing the Russians who had been conscripted to the war in Ukraine a year earlier. However, the Russian authorities did not give them permission to organize such gatherings, citing the epidemic measures introduced during the covid-19 pandemic. After that, representatives of the movement began to bring flowers to the grave of the unknown soldier at the Kremlin walls every week.

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