Attack on Iranian consulate in Damascus kills two generals | Zeman must apologize to Sarapatka

Attack on Iranian consulate in Damascus kills two generals | Zeman must apologize to Sarapatka
Attack on Iranian consulate in Damascus kills two generals | Zeman must apologize to Sarapatka

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards say that yesterday’s attack on the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital of Damascus killed two generals and five officers of this military organization. This was reported by the AP agency with reference to an official communiqué.

  • Tehran earlier blamed Israel for the attack and threatened retaliation. “Tehran will decide on the type of response and punishment against the aggressor,” the ministry announced.
  • Iran’s ambassador to Syria, Hossein Akbari, condemned the attack and said seven people were killed. According to him, the rescuers are still searching under the rubble.
  • Targets near Damascus were also targeted by airstrikes on Sunday. More than 50 people, including Syrian soldiers and members of Hezbollah, were killed in airstrikes in northwest Syria on Friday, according to the Syrian opposition-exile organization SOHR.

Miloš Zeman must apologize to Zdenek Šarapatka for saying that he fired him from the government office due to incompetence. The Supreme Court upheld the earlier verdict when it rejected Zeman’s appeal.

  • In November 2017, the former president said on Barrandov TV that he fired Sarapatka due to incompetence. Šarapatka, however, at the time when Zeman was prime minister, left the government office by agreement.
  • Zeman did not apologize within the specified period. Because of this, Šarapatka submitted an execution proposal to the president. At the same time, Zeman appealed to the Supreme Court.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating allegations related to negotiations between the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the head of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Albert Bourla on anti-covid vaccines.

  • Investigators from the European Public Prosecutor’s Office took over the case in recent months from Belgian prosecutors who were investigating von der Leyen for “interference with public functions, destruction of text messages, corruption and conflict of interest,” according to legal documents seen by Politico.
  • Questions surrounding how the contract with Pfizer was negotiated have dogged the head of the European Commission since more than a year ago, the New York Times (NYT) wrote that she exchanged messages with the head of the pharmaceutical company during the preparation of the giant contract from May 2021 .
  • The vaccine was ordered by the EU for hundreds of millions from Pfizer, and the pair called and exchanged messages for about a month, according to the NYT, with that “personal diplomacy playing a big role in the deal.”
  • The commission has so far refused to confirm the existence of the text messages or reveal their content. “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. We will wait for the results,” commented the head of the EC earlier on the Pfizergate case.

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