ENOUGH IS ENOUGH for the communists hiding under the label! agrobaron Jandejsek also goes to the polls

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH for the communists hiding under the label! agrobaron Jandejsek also goes to the polls
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH for the communists hiding under the label! agrobaron Jandejsek also goes to the polls

But is it really so and do you really have such a big chance? This was shown in two surveys. It’s probably not a fluke and it can’t be attributed to statistical errors. This group was intended to gather a hundred disaffected supporters for general elections, sociologist and analyst Ji Herzmann told iDNES.cz, his agency judged the communists and the STAILO coalition formed by them to have 7 percent.

It’s related to the fact that eu launched a campaign centered on the relatively well-known personality Mr. Konen, but it’s also related to the fact that they hid the KSM logo both verbally and visually. The rebels are not there. The reason for this is that people who have very critical and anti-systemic views on society can support this group, Herzmann said in the center of the group, which should be an unorganized black horse of the elections.

There is no end to the day, there is sure to be a big event, Jandejsek voiced his protest

One of the organizers of the farmers’ protest who went to Prague to protest, among other things, against the Green Deal of the European Union, Zdenk Jandejsek, the owner of the large agricultural group RABBIT, was pulled out as an ace at the last moment in the communist European candidate hiding behind the STAILO symbol.

Mu, who was a member of the Agrarian Chamber, sponsored ANO and Trikolora in the past, and is the mayor of the JaSaN movement. On the candidate STAILO! there will be a place but in this plate.

The protest was not received, but there is no end to the day. There will certainly be a big event before that, before we start voting for the European Parliament. The deadline has not yet been set, Jandejsek told iDNES.cz.

It doesn’t matter to him that he is going to the elections for a position on a candidate. It is the duty of the people to vote against the government in the elections, he replied with a laugh.

It’s not a project just for one European election, said Communist Konen

A coalition called STAILO! it will be led by MEP and KSM president Kateina Konen, who presented the definitive form of the candidate in the center, and non-partisans appearing at various anti-government protests will also appear on it.

The STAILO coalition is not just a project for one European election, said Konen. We want to oppose the market that is happening in the Czech Republic today. This country will not receive the purple thunderbold, declared the communist MEP. She confidently said that her party has its own data, from which it follows that she is one of the most famous Czech MEPs.

She tried to agree to go to Ireland to cooperate with non-parliamentary groups. Negotiations with ex-prime minister Jim Paroubek and PRO chairman Jindich Rajchlo did not result, so she agreed to cooperate at least with the Czech party of the National Social Party and the United Democratic Union group of the former North Bohemian senator Alena Dernerov.

The first vc is mr. Let’s refuse to be killed and that the pensions go to the grant and not you to the LK. We will refuse to send troops not only from the Czech Republic, but also from other countries of the European Union to the lifts, declared Konen, who declared the second priority to be the chain of the Green Deal, when it cannot be completely destroyed.

From Pirt, as a candidate for Minister of Health, and as a communist candidate

Thanks to Dernerov, the candidate is composed of the Communists, the first member of Ondej Dostl, who worked with Jindich Rajchlo’s non-parliamentary party PRO and two with Pirty. They even nominated the first woman who attacked the anti-covid minister as their candidate for Minister of Health.

For STAILO! The nurse Petra Rdov, who during the covid era claimed that felons are poisoned by people, is also running for election. So it is about people who are critical of both the current government of Petr Fiala and the former Andrej Babie of ANO, which approved measures against en covid.

The communists also received an offer from the well-known Vidlk blogger, whose real name is Daniel Sterzik, who, together with Konena, will visit his events before the elections to the European Parliament. In the end, he did not accept Nabdka’s offer to run for the Communists. I am a blogger and I have no political ambitions, Vidlk told iDNES.cz.

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