What is a washing machine for in a Russian helicopter? Or a dryer?

What is a washing machine for in a Russian helicopter? Or a dryer?
What is a washing machine for in a Russian helicopter? Or a dryer?

Kyiv – Controversy on social networks provoked an image torsion of a household appliance in the wreckage of a Russian helicopter shot down in Ukraine. Some users have been amazed at the presence of a washing machine on board a combat helicopter, which is not available in Russia? Or is the switching of washing programs used to change the speed and setting of the rotor? And what will “rinsing and squeezing” do with the helicopter?

More serious commentators linked the film to information that, due to a lack of computer chips, Russian armories began assembling chips that were originally intended for refrigerators into their more sophisticated products. Perhaps chips for washing machines could serve the same purpose. However, a warning followed immediately that it was probably not a washing machine, but a dryer.

On board the Mi-24 combat helicopters, called the modernized version of the Mi-35, there is also space for the transport of a small airdrop, so it can be argued whether the crew did not use it to transport prey. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, previously referring to reports of looting by the Russian occupiers, has said that their dream is most likely to seize a toilet bowl – and die with good luck.

The idea inspired Polish cartoonists to make a peculiar version of the sinking of the Russian cruiser Moscow: the attention of Russian sailors is attracted by a Ukrainian drone carrying a brand new toilet bowl, which Ukrainian soldiers use to fire an anti-ship missile and sink a Russian flagship.

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