The modern world in Krajsk zdravot’s hospitals is emerging

The modern world in Krajsk zdravot’s hospitals is emerging
The modern world in Krajsk zdravot’s hospitals is emerging

The construction of the hospital for a total of 1.4 billion crowns is being financed by the sten company from available sources, specifically from the 98th IROP call of 500 million crowns, and thus from the financial investments of the support of the Steck region. In order to ensure a balanced cash flow, KZ will use investments from Komern banka, a.s. In the same way, it is necessary to finance the construction of hospitals in Dn and Chomutov, where subsidies from European sources amount to 150 million crowns.

Completed for the health care sector in the region, the same investment action will bring a significant improvement in the quality of health care for its residents. Therefore, the completion of hospitals is a clear priority for the company’s leaders. We are monitoring the day on the construction site and I am glad that, according to the set time schedule, except for the construction at the Chomutov hospital, where the time was lost in connection with problems with bird droppings in the construction site, it is currently possible to shorten it, he said MD There you gochairman of the board of Krajsk zdravot, as

Krajsk zdravot, as, with its seven hospitals, is the largest health care provider and the largest employer in the Štěk region. The completion of hospital buildings, which have no parallel in the history of the health sector, will provide patients and employees with an environment that meets the latest medical trends of the 21st century. The completion of the hospital buildings, for their realization the region will participate as the only action of Krajsk zdravot, as, notably financially, play a key role in the further development of healthcare in our region. Tm, eu such important events I can be for the rest of the country, she said Jan Schiller, governor of the Steck region.

Construction of a pavilion in the grounds of the Masaryk Hospital in st nad Labem, oz., with the price of the work according to the public contract 1,397,493,298 VAT included, will take place until 20 December 2023. The subject of the investment is a new pavilion with operating rooms, separate ICUs and standard medical departments, including local cardiac surgery. The facility has 12 new operating rooms, 54 intensive care and intermediate care, 70 standard care and 11 outpatient clinics. According to the necessary technical and administrative land, including a new central dispatch for ambulances. The new pavilion will be used mainly for the Cardiocenter, then for the Department of Central Operative Medicine and Sterilization, the Department of Anaesthesiology, Perioperative and Intensive Care Medicine (KAPIM) and the Department of Thoracic Surgery.

The construction of the pavilion with the price of the work according to the public contract for the amount of 784,406,795 including VAT will take place in the area of ​​the Dn Hospital, oz. Danish hospital, it consists of the demolition of the existing building, the construction of a new Emergency pavilion, operating room, ICU and ARO. According to the modernization of the energy center of the transformer station, including an alternative source of electrical energy and the construction of a multi-storey building for parking cars.

In the Danish hospital, construction should continue with the second phase, during which a new Mother and Child Pavilion will be created, including a hemodialysis center and an above-ground connecting corridor. The construction program of the new pavilion consists of a gynecology-obstetrics department, namely an obstetrics department, gynecology and a hemodialysis center.

In the complex of the Chomutov Hospital, oz., the construction of a pavilion with the price of the work according to the public contract 833 862 444 Including VAT will take place by mid-December 2023. It will be the construction of a new pavilion with an emergency room, five operating rooms, an ICU and an ARO. At the Chomutov hospital, by the end of the year, the rough construction and the installation of the distribution of the building’s technical equipment will be completed.

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