Fire stations in Czech Switzerland are guarded by volunteer firefighters

So far, more than 100 professional and volunteer firefighters are checking the place, with the help of drones or during errands, they find outbreaks only sporadically after the rain of the last days.

From September, the road from Hřensko to Mezní Louka will open, as will some tourist routes, for example to the Little Pravčická Gate. Main tourist destinations such as the Kamenice gorges or Pravčická brána will continue to be inaccessible to tourists.

Shots of the crematorium near Hřensko. New growth is sprouting, it is still too early for tourists


“Preparations are underway for the packing of technical equipment in individual sections. These are mainly kilometers of some hoses and some pumps. The guidance remains in the area above Hřenské, Malinové dol, Pravčická brana and Gabrielina trail. Two large-capacity reservoirs will remain above Mezná,” said regional fire department spokesman Lukáš Marvan.

People cannot get to Pravčická brána, as well as the access roads to it

Tomáš Salov, NP Administration

Several routes are opening

At the request of the Administration of the Czech Switzerland National Park, the Ministry of the Environment should on Wednesday issue measures of a general nature, valid from September 1, which will continue to exclude access to the forest on the territory of the national park. “Entrance to the area of ​​the fire station will remain completely prohibited, including the largest tourist destinations.

People will not be able to get to Pravčická brána in the same way as the access roads to it, entry to the Kamenice gorges will be prohibited, these are simply dangerous places,” said Salov. The ban on entry to all paths in the entire park and outside will be valid at night, always from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. However, several hiking trails will be opened in the western part of the national park.

The police already know where the fire started in Czech Switzerland

Crime stories

The road from Hájenek via Mezní Můstek to Mezná and Mezní Louky, the route from Mezná to Hřensk, the so-called Mlýnská cesta, will be made accessible, and it will be possible to walk along the blue-marked route from Mezní Louka to Vysoké Lípa.

“People will also be able to get from the blue-marked path to the Malá Pravčická brána, which will be newly opened as a tourist destination, and will be able to continue to Šaunštejn,” added Salov, adding that the measures will be updated every month depending on what can be made available .

Along the road from Hřensko to Mezná, the felling of risky trees has ended, and the national park’s rock squad is still on site cleaning the slopes from stones that could fall. From September, the road will be freely passable. On the contrary, people will not be able to get to Vysoké Lípa and further to Mezní Louka from Jetřichovice, where the road will be closed due to the construction of the water supply.

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