Elite Model Look questions: Sergi Shan and Majda John Peter

Elite Model Look questions: Sergi Shan and Majda John Peter
Elite Model Look questions: Sergi Shan and Majda John Peter

The 39th Schwarzkopf Elite Model Look 2022, the world’s most prestigious modeling competition, took place on Tuesday, August 30, in the Prague Castle in Prague.

Vtzkou Majda John Peter from Jinho Sdnu became the world’s finale and Mr. Sergi Shan was the bridegroom.

In Finland, the top 30 finalists selected from thousands of applications from over 100 varieties were represented. nationality. The top finalists were preparing in the warm surroundings of the Andaz Prague hotel. After fifteen years, the world final was held in Czech Republic. The gala gala opened the door for them the world of modern industry.

The winner of the Elite Model Look world final is Majda John Peter from Jinho Sdnu (Prague, August 30, 2022)

The new inventions of world modeling were decided by a jury consisting of women experts in the field of fashion, a project partner and a foreign modeling agent. Experts from Elite top management sat on the jury: Chris Gay, Vick Mihaci and Jennifer May Cope. Elite World CEO Paolo Barbieri and supermodel Daniela Petov represented the world finale.

Estonia was represented by Julia Krzywo and Richard Reischig, Slovakia by Timea Smarkov and Daniel Dospel.

Since 1992, when the event was organized here, the Czech Republic has been the most successful country in the world. The first places were won by Linda Vojtov (Elite Model Look 2000, eneva), Denisa Dvokov (Elite Model Look 2006, Marak), Eva Klmkov (Elite Model Look 2013, en-en), Barbora Podzimkov (Elite Model Look 2014, en-en) , Jana Tvrdkov (Elite Model Look 2016, Lisbon) and Amlie Konelov (svtov vtzka Elite Model Look 2021, online).

Through Elite Model Look, many celebrities have been discovered on the front pages of the world’s fashion magazines. Sout helped launch the careers of such modeling stars as Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bndchenov, Hana Jikov, and Andrej Chamula (world vtz Elite Model Look 2019).

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