The difference between their heights is almost a meter, yet they love each other

The height difference between the women is a full 85 centimeters, making them the first ever holders of the world record for the largest height difference in the height of a married couple of the same sex – in the category of women – in the world, representatives from the Guinness Book of Records said.

Corsetti’s short stature is the result of diastrophic dysplasia, also known as diastrophic dwarfism, a very rare inherited developmental defect that causes short stature and deformity of the limbs and spine.

Chandler said she was inspired to apply for the record by the world record for the largest height difference in a married couple, which consists of a couple of different sexes, where the woman is taller than the man.

“We talked about it earlier. We joked that we must have the biggest height difference in the world. But we never took it seriously,” laughs Corsetti, who met her partner at the school where they both taught – Chandler art, Corsetti math. The couple in love got married in 2021.

“We joke that I clean the bottom shelves and Christie cleans the top,” says Corsetti, who hopes their track record will encourage the company to be more respectful of diversity.

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