These services will help you remove the inscription or watermark from the image

A watermark is an effective technique for protecting the copyright of a work – for example photos, videos, but also documents. In addition, it is also a possibility to easily and sensitively promote these works (a certain form of advertising) and even monitor them. Specifically, track the sources they come from – different recipients will receive content with different watermarks.

The watermark works on the principle of inserting additional information (it can be, for example, a company logo, image or inscription, and even sound), which should be difficult to remove. The point is that the algorithm by which the watermark was encoded into the work is unknown. Let’s say it’s in the photo. Cropping it or changing its size will not remove it, when it is already a certain kind of modification. However, if the part where the watermark is located is cropped, then of course it is possible, even if part of the photo will be gone. On the other hand, watermarks may not be visible at first glance, so they can be hidden in the photo. If we do not notice them, then they can continue to remain in them.

The watermark therefore has its clear reasons. The original purpose was to prove ownership or authenticity. It is also used artistically, in other words, the artist uses it as a signature, which makes it clear who created it, and also makes it impossible for someone else to impersonate him by proving himself with his work. For example, various embedded characters can be considered a watermark. For cameras or security cameras, let’s give it the date and time of acquisition. Or, in the case of cameras, an embedded manufacturer’s logo.

However, it can happen that someone loses the original to their already watermarked work (copy). These examples directly call for removing the watermark. So let’s see how to do it. We will present both paid and free options that can handle the removal of simple watermarks – ideally one.

The editors strongly distance themselves from encouraging the removal of watermarks from copyrighted works. There are criminal penalties for doing so.

1. Wondershare

Probably the easiest way to remove a watermark without using any software is to use an online tool. And this is fulfilled by Wondershare, which provides various online image editing features such as background removal, image enlargement and of course watermark removal. All you have to do is go through three steps – upload an image containing the watermark, select unwanted objects and then download the edited image.

After uploading the image, use the mouse pointer, which will turn into a brush, mark the watermark to be removed. The size of the brush can be adjusted, as well as undo the steps taken. Then click on Remove Objects on the left. The service will ask you to register (e.g. you can log in with a Google account). The result will be displayed in a moment. This one is at a very good level and the like practically does not recognize that the image has been edited.

However, what is not pleasing is that the service does not allow you to download the image for free. It even inserts its own new watermark – the logo of the service – in the preview of the removal of the marked places, thus preventing you from taking a print screen of the modified image. In order to download the image, it is necessary to pay for it. Specifically, two credits. The smallest possible number of purchased credits is 50, at a price of 7 USD (approx. 175 CZK). In this way, up to 25 photos can be edited – one photo will then cost 7 CZK, which can be accepted if the thorn is to be pulled out of the heel. In the event that more photos will be edited, a higher number of credits also reduces their price, and therefore also the price for an individual image.

Watermark removal using Wondershare

2. Inpaint

Another way can be found in the Inpaint service. If you use or have ever worked in graphic editing programs, then editing in it will be very easy for you. It looks very similar to these programs. Similar to the previous case, upload the image, mark the places to remove. At the same time, several marking tools are available – polygons, lasso, brush – which will help you mark the desired places quickly and accurately. Then just click on the Erase button.

The result appears soon and is again very good. Downloading the image in low resolution – therefore not very high quality – is free. You have to pay again for a quality download – one credit. The smallest package is 10 credits for 5 USD (approx. 125 CZK). One photo thus works out to 12.5 CZK. Which is quite a bit more compared to Wondershare. However, if you purchase the most expensive package (1,000 credits for $30), then the price of one photo can be reduced to 0.75 CZK, which is an excellent price when editing a large number of photos.

There is also a classic application, which stands out compared to the online version of Inpaint in that it is not limited in any way in terms of image size (online only accepts images up to 10 MB and a resolution of 4.2 Mpx), and promises a higher quality of editing thanks to the use of a different algorithm . Batch processing is also an advantage. Saving the modified image is again subject to a charge. But in this case, it is not the credits that govern, but the purchase of a full-fledged license to the program. It costs USD 20 (approx. CZK 500). At this price, you’ll never have to worry about recalculating how much it costs you to edit one photo.

Watermark removal with Inpaint

3. Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online

The third option we will introduce is found in Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover. Again, it starts with uploading the image to this online service. There are tools like brush, lasso and polygon to mark objects to remove. The guide will introduce you to the functions. Once you’re done, click the Remove button. And that’s all.

The big difference with the previous two options is that, as the name of the service suggests, this one is free. You can download the modified image in the original resolution. The results are comparable to the previous two.

Watermark removal with Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online

4. Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover

Even the last service we introduce you to is completely free to use. However, Apowersoft’s Online Watermark Remover can help with something else. Apart from being able to remove the watermark in the image, it can also do it in the videos. This is a welcome option if you have watermarked your video and now regret it. Unlike previous services, this one uses “boxes” to remove objects. You place these where you need them, there can be more than one, they can be resized to match the dimensions of the watermark you are trying to remove. Then just click on Erase again.

The result you get isn’t very good—in fact, it’s the worst of the four services. The reason for this will certainly be that the box form of the watermark selection will give you a more complex form for marking (it will not give you a free hand to choose), and in addition, it unnecessarily changes parts that do not need to. For example, if a diagonal watermark is being removed, then its selection is not entirely easy. The service doesn’t even have a preview, on the other hand, downloading the image – in its original quality – is free. It is also pleasing that there is an application for Windows as well as for Android and iOS.

Watermark removal with Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover

In conclusion

After clicking on the link, you can compare the results of individual services. The added characters on our sample photo were best handled by Inpaint.

Comparison of results

Hopefully you will be able to find a service in our list that will help you remove watermarks from your images, but also from videos. While these are just some of the best options online, they are not the only ones available to you. Anyway, not only watermarks can be removed in this way, but as you have surely figured out, anything from the image. Thus, if you wish to remove certain artifacts on them – for example, masts, wires, people, buildings, etc. – this can be achieved. In the case of professional editing, there are solutions such as Adobe Photoshop and similar programs.

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