Naming our game Prey was a mistake, regrets the famous developer

The constant release of remakes, remasters and reboots somewhat complicates the naming of games, next year, for example, we will be able to play the third Alone in the Dark. No number, no subtitle, just Alone in the Dark, just like the versions from 1992 and 2008. It’s a bit confusing, on the other hand, at least fans of the horror genre can kind of guess what to imagine under this title. The situation with the Prey brand was a bit more complicated. And according to the founder of the Arkane studio, Raphael Colantonia, the inappropriately chosen name was one of the reasons why the game failed in sales.

Those who expected a shooter from the second Prey had to be sorely disappointed.

The first Prey came out in 2006 and was a solid shooter based on jumping through teleportation portals (see our review from the time). There was long talk of a sequel, but it never happened and the brand ended up with Bethesda publishing. However, this rather forcefully forced her to study Arkane for its interesting space game, which, however, has absolutely nothing to do with the original one. It takes place in a different world, played much slower and more tactically. The game also has a completely different visual style (see our review).

Nevertheless, Bethesda insisted on this name, despite the fact that the developers themselves were strongly against it. “No one on our team wanted the game to be called Prey. It had nothing to do with the original Prey at all,” Colantonio revealed in an interview with the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) podcast.

The original Prey was excellent and deserved a regular sequel.

However, Bethesda obviously liked the term prey. So much so that she even threatened the developers of the independent game Prey for Gods with a lawsuit for allegedly interfering with their brand (see our article). So Prey eventually made it, but luck didn’t bring her, and the otherwise very well-rated game completely failed financially. Fans of the original were disappointed that they got something different, newcomers didn’t want to start with something that looked like the second part.

“It was a kick in the face,” literally said the author of hits like Dishonored or Arx Fatalis, saying that he later apologized to the authors of the original game that he did not want to steal their brand. Although he later expressed gratitude for the money from Bethesda allowing him to create his dream game, the loss of control over his work led him to leave the famous studio (see our article). And with him many fans, because Arkane has taken a new direction since then and his games like Wolfenstein: New Blood, Deathloop or the upcoming Redfall are far more action-packed than we are used to.

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