WC hockey 2023 | Finland – Czechia 1:2 PP, Historic success! Czech women’s hockey players will compete for medals at the World Cup

The Czechs flew into the key match with great gusto and energy. In the first ten minutes, they squeezed the opponent in the defensive zone, did not let him take a single shot, skated and attacked brilliantly. The youngest player of the championship, 16-year-old Adéla Šapovalivová, had the first chance, but goalkeeper Keisala covered her attempt to the post. Moments later, the Finnish goalkeeper was helped by a crossbar against captain Alena Mills’ shot. And Noemi Neubauer’s escape was not taken either.

After that, the Finns became bold and took the initiative. They locked up the national team on the defensive several times, created several chances, but all nine attempts were caught by the reliable Klára Peslarová, the best goalkeeper of the tournament according to the success rate of her saves with 96%.

Also in the second part, the Czech representatives entered better. However, they did not take advantage of the second power play in the match, and even a shot from the right circle by Neubauerová, who still skated the puck and landed in the fall, was not taken. After that, there were several mistakes in the Czech defense, especially in a poorly timed substitution, but the Finnish breaks were caught by Peslarová.

Photo: Henning Bagger, CTK/AP

The Czechs celebrate a goal against Finland.Photo: Henning BaggerČTK/AP

And especially thanks to her, the Czech Republic could take the lead in the quarter-final match for the first time in history. Exactly after 37 minutes, the busiest player and the most productive defender of the tournament, Daniela Pejšová, got to the puck on the border of the right circle. She fired from the turn, aimed exactly at the right post above the goalkeeper’s concrete, and with her fourth shot, she detonated the Czech joy. Only the forty-third shot of the match, the twenty-third from the Czech hockey stick, went into the net.

The Suomi selection could have equalized at the end of the middle period after an offensive foul by Mlýnková, but Savolainenová fired the puck into the crossbar from the center of the circle. The Finns carried the rest of the power play into the third part and created a huge jam in front of the goal. Lying down and without a stick, however, Peslarova resisted with the help of a blocking defense.

The Czech team did not come under continuous pressure after that, but conceded after a mistake in the middle zone. Noora Tulus then got to the puck on the left circle and headed to the near post. The equalizer injected new blood into the Finns’ veins and Nieminen twice threatened to break. The first action was intercepted by Peslarová with concrete, the second action was stopped by an illegal intervention.

The weakened representatives managed and the duel reached extra time. It only took 41 seconds. The most experienced Finnish player and captain Jenni Hiirikoski spoiled the play, Aneta Tejralová caught the pass and decided to shoot from the angle. To everyone’s surprise, the shot at the near post fell to Keisala, and the Czechs could jump in a heap with indescribable joy. And a few moments later to sing in euphoria, that is, rather to shout the Czech national anthem.

Carly MacLeod’s wards will play for a place in the finals on Saturday in Herning with the USA team, the second pair consists of Canada and Switzerland. The Czech national team bravely resisted the Americans in the Olympic quarterfinals, when they even led for a minute, but eventually fell 1:4.

Women’s Ice Hockey World Cup 2022
Quarter Finals:
Finland – Czechia 1:2 in extra time (0:0, 0:1, 1:0 – 0:1)
Goals and assists: 49. Tulusová (Holopainenová, Rantalaová) – 37. Pejšová (Mills), 61. Tejralová. Referees: Hansonová (USA), Nearyová – Chartrandová (both Kan.), Dinantová (Belg.). Exclusion: 3:3. No use. Audience: 326.
The composition of the Czech Republic: Peslarová – Lásková, Pejšová, Horálková, Tejralová, Radová, Trnková – Mlýnková, Mrázová, Šapovalivová – Pejzlová, Hymlárová, Křížová – Neubauerová, Přibylová, Mills – Pátková, Sarnovská, Erbanová. Coach: Carla MacLeod.
Switzerland – Japan 2:1 after sam. rent (0:0, 0:1, 1:0 – 0:0)
Goals: 47. Leemannová, decisive raid Martiová – 35. Itoová.
USA – Hungary 12:1 (1:0, 9:0, 2:1)
Goals: 2nd, 22nd and 38th Heise, 23rd, 33rd and 55th Bilka, 25th Pannek, 26th Roque, 31st Dunne, 36th Stecklein, 36th Harvey, 43rd Knight – 53rd Huszak.
Canada – Sweden 3:0 (1:0, 1:0, 1:0)
Goals: 18. Larocque, 34. Potomac, 54. Ambrose
Semi-final pairs: USA – Czechia, Canada – Switzerland.

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