All-out fight by MPs for power. the chamber in the Kremlin will not help, said Skela

All-out fight by MPs for power. the chamber in the Kremlin will not help, said Skela
All-out fight by MPs for power. the chamber in the Kremlin will not help, said Skela

We all remember how his friend Viktor Orbn drank to support Andrej Babie before the elections. We all heard who Tomio Okamura was. Only this Orbna’s journey does not exceed the price ceiling for fuel, Orbna’s journey means going to Moscow and asking Putin for gas, said Minister Skela.

According to Skela, if the ANO movement was in power in the place of the current government, the world would be surrounded by photos not only of the smiling Sergey Lavrov with the Hungarian foreign minister, but also of you with the ANO mayor Karl Havlk or the wife of the ANO deputy Alena Schillerová.

As Russia pushes gas prices up, so do electricity prices. We therefore want to prevent gas prices from determining electricity prices. Unfortunately, this is a lot of time in what is the evil that today tries as much as possible to harm Czech citizens and Czech businesses. The evil is Putin’s energy wolf, his efforts to inflate energy prices and his gradual withdrawal of Europe from gas supplies, declared Minister Skela.

I thought that this one or rather this extraordinary meeting is a meeting about the fact that we called it because of two governments, but here I am listening to the opposition! What is it? ANO deputy Berenika Petov was angry after his appearance.

Not only Skela, but Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavsk, the ANO movement exposed Babio’s ties to Orbno. During his premiere, Andrej Babi let himself be led like a puppet, a prisoner in Budapest, said Lipavsk.

During the night, all the ministers who had the priority to speak first spoke, and so until the early hours of the morning, when the few MPs were busy, the number of people speaking for the government was you, not the opposition. Radek Vondrek, member of the House of Representatives for ANO, was angry that, according to him, it was not fr.

The debate in the House of Commons started on Thursday at one o’clock in the afternoon and lasted for over seventeen hours without interruption.

It is the government of a national disaster, declared f ANO Andrej Babi, his movement decided to vote. It is about subversion, about seizing power at any cost, said Prime Minister Petr Fiala. He ironically thanked Babio for going to work and not giving a speech somewhere in revenge.

The result of the polls was damn clear. ANO and the SPD have a combined 92 votes in the House of Representatives, the government coalition has 108 votes out of 200. There are at least 101 votes of MPs for the pronounced disrespectful government. It is likely that we will lose this vote. If you don’t want to let go of the fish tank, said female member of parliament ANO Alena Schillerov.

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