We are on the brink of an unprecedented crisis, but he is not ready to help

We are on the brink of an unprecedented crisis, but he is not ready to help
We are on the brink of an unprecedented crisis, but he is not ready to help

The current uritic mechanism does not provide sufficient assistance. I was surprised by the government’s claim that they would help. For example, the housing allowance is very limited, it is not high enough.

According to him, many people are ashamed of dogs. The waterfall is too narrow, so it is not worthwhile for families with dogs to go. The ministry is devoting an awful lot of energy to five thousand people. The thing should be closed to a classic house plan.

He drew attention to the necessity of external standards for housing. Normative costs are very irrelevant today. They should roll up. For example, the elderly have to pay more for these costs. You have to do it now, though.

Clumsiness and lack of action are behind it. We have to admit it. In two weeks, the meme will have a new tool, one hundred, added Hle.

Non-payment will catch up to t months from energy. Wholesale connection is for 1500

Stt is not prepared to help poor people at all. Stt stupidly declares that he will help. But don’t have the device here, it has to ensure that the people are not disconnected from the energy and do not get into foreclosures. Help would then be much more expensive, he points out.

A large percentage of us will become impoverished, inflation will dry up. Stt can’t help two people. The rich have to deal with the fact that they have to help themselves. People who spend no more than 30 percent on housing should be helped. For example, the tariff in question is expensive and totally unnecessary, it is too low, he pointed out.

However, according to the expert, we have to think about people, otherwise energy would not work. We have to shut down society so that everyone is motivated to shut up. However, no one should fall into foreclosure, the expert pointed out that it is really difficult now. According to Hle, our crisis is massive.

Like a drop in my mouth. According to experts, government assistance with energy is quite low

We should have warned the people a long time ago that they should take voluntary measures and avoid being betrayed. It is better to pay in full and not have a few thousand arrears, to Hla and adds that there is a fear that people will fall into a debt trap. However, it is not included in the energy supplier.

He added that it would be great if banks provided electricity first for arrears of energy. This too could keep people out of the debt trap.

According to Hle, how many people will really fall into poverty is hard to guess. That is tk ct, up to 300,000 households at the border of housing allowance. up to a million of them will reach him. However, we have to respect them and explain that it is not a stigma, it is a big problem for seniors. Paradoxically, the poor are more at risk also because their household is not energetically challenged.

We have to focus on how to help people drive through the winter. I’m afraid it won’t work. Then we should talk about what he warns about whether to allow them some separation.

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