A high number fell in Havov, at least 12 wounded, solid dt

A high number fell in Havov, at least 12 wounded, solid dt
A high number fell in Havov, at least 12 wounded, solid dt

The police found out about the incident at the Havovské festivities at 3:15 p.m., when a bicycle fell on Astronaut Street. According to Renho ernohorskho, the police spokeswoman, the children are seriously injured.

We intervene in the bridge, there are five floors and about 12 injured people. We will specify the extent of the injuries later, regional rescue service Luk Humpl told iDNES.cz. Petr Kdela also confirmed his words.

We are intervening, we are on revenge, I have no further information. And when it’s over, I’ll do things. I don’t know when it happened, there are some injured, said iDNES.cz.

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According to TK information, it was an extreme version of Etz’s carousel. The structure with seats went up the central column to a height of about 15 meters. At the moment when she was about to descend, the top with the shoulders and seats broke off.

I estimate that it fell 15 meters from the roof. It fell on the cash registers that were downstairs. These are znien. A lot of people have broken legs, said TK, a witness to the incident.

The policeman from Havova and the commission from Karvin are on the scene. It will be revealed how the whole accident happened, who is the owner and operator, whether I had permission to operate, who was first on the bridge at the time of the unfortunate event and operating the carousel, according to which the technical condition of the attraction and the overall installation will be investigated. He is now in the test room and in the office, said iDNES.cz, speaking of the Montenegrin police.

The multi-party event takes place in Havov from Friday to Saturday, during the day bands such as No Name, Slza and Kabt, or the singer Lucie Bl perform. For children, there is a children’s play and an accompanying program.

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