Vclav Noid Brta got married later, yes, he ate on the pier by the pond

Vclav Noid Brta got married later, yes, he ate on the pier by the pond
Vclav Noid Brta got married later, yes, he ate on the pier by the pond

Thank you for the blessing. Vaek and Elika Brto, the musician wrote on his Instagram and posted a picture of the dinner, which took place on the pier by the pond.

The wedding of the newlyweds was celebrated in traditional style with eight family members, the closest of whom were twelve children. It will actually be like a kinder party with a children’s bouncy castle, Elika Grabcov revealed in a recent interview on the Showtime program, who chose classic dresses designed by Tereza Sabkov with a long train and a veil for her big day.

On my wedding day, I always had a dream à la Mosk panna, tight. But that idea disappeared immediately after the first birth. “It’s important to have a breastfeeding mother so that it works with Anika, who is fully breastfed and is still tiny,” added Grabcov.

Vclav Noid Brta has two marriages behind him. Zpvaka married Luci Blou in 2006, they divorced two years later. The eldest daughter Terezka has a second former model, model Gabriela Dvoková. His girlfriend was the model Elika Bukov.

He and Elika Grabcová got together at the Karln Musical Theater during a joint performance in the musical Sister in Action and kept their love a secret for a long time. Brta announced that he refused to share his personal things and relationships with her. Pesto confirmed at the end of 2018 that he had moved a new female bird to his house in Mukaovo and he is very satisfied.

I hoped that Vaek would marry me someday, but I absolutely did not expect that so soon. I thought that after two weddings, it would probably take some time to separate, and it would be enough for you. But it took a lot of time, so I’m happy, added Elika, who has daughters Elika and Anna as musicians.

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