Liberec – Pilsen 0:1, Pilsen won in Liberec and jumped to the top of the incomplete table

Pilsen won the league for the fifth time in a row and extended its unbeaten streak to 34 competitive matches. Viktoria scored the fifteenth time out of the last 16 duels in the top competition in Liberec. The West Bohemians, who fortunately have a postponed game with Brno, were given a general practice for Wednesday’s opening match of the Champions League group in Barcelona. After a successful start to the season, Slovan won only one point from the last two rounds and did not win at home for the second time in a row.

The recovered key midfielder Kalvach returned to the Pilsen line-up, on the other hand, striker Chorý only started on the bench. Bassey got a chance at the tip of the offensive from the beginning and Čermák started in the starting line-up for the first time this season. Liberec started out with three stoppers.

The North Bohemians started more actively and had their first big chance in the 20th minute. After Preisler’s cross from the left side, the ball flowed into the small area in front of Staňek Van Buren, but the Pilsen goalkeeper reflexively intervened and saved the visitors from conceding a goal.

Pilsen gradually leveled the game and took the lead before the break. In the 38th minute, he stretched Mosquera’s free kick from mid-range and the Liberec goalkeeper was saved by the crossbar near the junction of the posts after a technical shot.

In three minutes Viktoria was already celebrating. After the action, Mosquera extended the ball to Sýkoru, who got rid of the defender in front of the goal and opened the scoring with a low attempt to the back post. The Pilsen universal scored against the club where he worked in the past and scored his first goal in the league season.

In the 53rd minute, Kalvach fired a volley from behind the penalty area, but shot over. On the opposite side, Havel then deflected Preisler’s sharp cross into the corner in a neck-breaking position. Although the North Bohemians had a permanent territorial advantage, they did not get into the clear chances due to the organized visiting defense.

On the contrary, Vlkanova could have decided in the 76th minute, the joy of his first goal in the Pilsen jersey was spoiled by the crossbar on the eve of his 28th birthday. The home team played 10 corners in the second half, but did not significantly threaten Staňko. The West Bohemians confirmed that they have the best defense in the competition along with Slavia with four conceded goals.

Slovan Liberec – Viktoria Plzeň 0:1 (0:1)
Goal: 41. Sýkora. Referee: Proske – Kotík, Kubr – Štěrba (video). ŽK: Frýdek, Kozel (coach) – Čermák, Holík, Hejda, Chorý, Ndiaye. Viewers: 5158.
Liberec: Vliegen – Gebre Selassie (83. Kozák), Prebsl, Plechatý – Mikula (68. Matoušek), Valenta, Červ (67. Rabušic), Preisler (82. Mészáros) – Frýdek – Rondič (46. Višinský), Van Buren . Trainer: Kozel.
Pilsen: Staněk – Holík, Hejda, Pernica, Havel – Kalvach (69. Ndiaye), Čermák (61. Bucha) – Sýkora, Vlkanova (83. Jirka), Mosquera (69. Jemelka) – Bassey (61. Chorý). Coach: Bílek.

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