One steak is machismo heating the climate, tough French MP

One steak is machismo heating the climate, tough French MP
One steak is machismo heating the climate, tough French MP

At a meeting of the European Ecology-Green (EELV) party, a member of parliament announced that France needs to change its mentality so that a steak roasted on the grill is not a symbol of masculinity. She quoted stupid studies, according to which men eat twice as much red meat as women.

Instantly, she wiped out the darkness in the land with her kulinism and raised a great appetite for food. On Twitter, the darkness under the hashtag Barbecuegate became one of the most discussed.

August 30, 2022 at 5:39 p.m. pspvek archived: August 31, 2022 at 8:59 p.m.

many French politicians did not bleed their anger. That’s it. You can’t see the boy. Stop deconstructing me, wrote conservative Republican leader Nadine Moranoov. Her colleague ric Ciotti called Rousseau grotesque.

Left-wing Communists have also come out against Zelench’s policy. Eat meat according to what you have in your pocket, not in your underwear, said Fabien Roussel of the party, who invited to a kadoron barbecue served by communists for five months in Pai.

On the contrary, it was defended by Clementine Autainov, leader of the left-wing party Nepodroben France. People who decide to become vegetarians are mainly women. If we want to move towards equality, we really have to stop masculinizing, she said.

If Zelench Julien Bayou stood up for Rousseau. Eating too much meat spoils things (the environment) and women have to eat twice as much red meat and sausages as women, so yes, there is a gendered approach to food, she said.

After Rousseau’s rebellion broke out, she defended her position. From a personal point of view, eating lots of meat is the most important measure against climate change. I don’t drive a car anymore, she said in a TV interview for the LCI station.

U mm enough? What are we prepared to do? We just passed the summer when we first saw the real impact of climate change and what are we prepared to do? ekla with reference to the spread of pores in France. She indicated that due to the consumption of meat, men produce 41 percent more emissions than women.

University pedagogue Rousseau describes himself as an ecofeminist. But he admits that he is not a 100% vegetarian and has eaten a lot of red meat.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has highlighted switching to a plant-based diet instead of meat as one of the biggest changes that individuals can make to reduce emissions. He considers not flying to be the most effective.

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