The nervousness of the people is enormous, but don’t leave them in need, said Rakuan

The nervousness of the people is enormous, but don’t leave them in need, said Rakuan
The nervousness of the people is enormous, but don’t leave them in need, said Rakuan

The nervousness in the society is huge, I will not despise and label people who gather for the demonstration, said Rakuan, saying that he wanted people who had been drinking at the demonstration. The first one was separated from the organizer and the people who appeared on the stage, reminding them that the political parties that will be candidates in the local municipal elections were responsible for the demonstration.

I don’t have a thumb. I am a hunter who grew up in a block of flats and had neighbors. Very good atmosphere among people. km to them (to people, note ed.), said Rakuan, that he had done as much as possible. no bow to Russia. This is what pulls us down. I don’t want your country where Putin decides to stop the gas and the people won’t have to heat, he said in the Party.

70 thousand people gathered in Prague for a demonstration against the government, they resigned

Saturday’s demonstration called the Czech Republic in the 1st place was a joint event of organizations, political parties and citizens who disagree with the current policy of the government and want a change. From the stage under the statue of St. Wenceslaus, the people criticized the high energy prices and the current government’s failed course. The police estimated that around 70,000 people came to the protest.

Members of the SPD also appeared at the demonstration. Chairman of the SPD parliamentary club, Radim Fiala, revealed on Sunday that the movement was not a co-sponsor of the event. We cannot be responsible for everything that was done there, he said, adding that their party is responsible for its own actions, on which it demands strict supervision.

Better communication

However, the current Minister of the Interior admitted that the government should better communicate its actions. According to him, a better strategy is being prepared in this context. Thank you for your own informed campaign. We want, for example, squadrons on Czech lands, where the structure of aid will be clearly described, he explained.

According to him, the current Minister of Industry and Trade, Josef Skela, should improve his communication skills. I told him that he had to communicate more and better. It’s an area where I’ve recognized even for one coalition, even in that Skela has a reserve. He has to communicate better, he has to communicate more, and those ideas in a clearer and better way not only to the copper, but also to the public, said Rakuan, adding that the minister is now working on better communication. According to him, Skela is able to compete with the EU even at the European level. At the same time, he said that Skela had clear support for one government coalition.

Not only late MPs, who at the end of the week called for a sleepless vote of two governments in the House of Representatives, but also professional unions and associations or the actions of Saturday’s demonstration called for Skelov’s dismissal.

On the contrary, according to Fiala, the Minister of Industry and Trade does not come up with the necessary measures and should therefore resign. The people are on the verge of poverty. Skela agreed to the consequences, said the deputy.

In the Czech television program Otzky Vclava Moravec, Skela said that he will try to bring peace to society by explaining how he will prepare. I will go to explain the situation in which we are in, as well as the reasons for how to handle the situation, said the minister. He added that the economic point of view was superimposed on the political one, and so far he has tried to devote himself not only to urgent matters, but also to important ones, which included the dream of R’s dependence on gas from Russia. According to the minister, everything else was not so critical for R.

Thanks to the maximum

On Sunday, Rakuan stated several times that the government should help and not leave people in need. He changed, for example, the amendment of the Energy Act. This is what the government wants to prevent energy traders from raising their reserves without limits.

Vlda is in the middle of discussing variants of the state energy trader, said Skela

Thank you, don’t leave people in need, dl maximum monho, he will come with address help, declared Rakuan. According to him, there will definitely be no one whom the government would not be able and willing to help. one thing, according to the minister, is not increasing dependence on Russian gas through separate agreements, as the organizers of Saturday’s anti-government demonstration put it, but separating electricity and gas prices to the European level.

According to Fiala, no pan-European union will happen, and even if it does, it will not have a significant effect on prices. Each country has a different energy mix and produces energy in a different way. I see behind the growth of the energy Green Deal, i.e. the EU allowance for greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to the political somersault, he declared.

Rakuan opposed him, according to him, behind the sharp increase in energy prices is Russian aggression against Ukraine and the associated limited supply of gas to Europe. Without Putin’s wolf, there wouldn’t be this crisis in Europe, he declared.

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