Vlda is in the middle of discussing variants of the state energy trader, said Skela

Vlda is in the middle of discussing variants of the state energy trader, said Skela
Vlda is in the middle of discussing variants of the state energy trader, said Skela

In order, Skela set out to speed up the process for setting up a permanent business. In the following days and weeks, administrative actions will take place and, according to the debt, several months, so that we should seize energy for the first of January for the public sector.

According to the minister, a permanent energy trader should be prepared in the near future so that he can secure energy for public institutions for five years.

J zalom very quickly agency. And the first round of this agency would be to buy energy for the public sector. Due to the nervousness in society, I will try to communicate all those steps step by step in order to bring calm and show that we have one, said Skela.

Minister Skela thought that he should assure the councils, hospitals and regions that he has a government for the energy situation.

The state distributor should provide energy for the entire public sector, replied Martin Netolick, governor of the Pardubice region, in Otzki Vclav Moravec.

In the center, I will inform the government about the steps we have prepared, we will choose one of those options, which we will then formalize. I prefer the fastest option, which is the zzen agency, explained Skela. The Cabinet will decide on the final form.

Skela will discuss the form of the concept with experts on Monday, and then present it to the coalition and the government. She should choose from many options. Sm prefers the creation of an agency, which he believes is the fastest. In the first round of the 100th merchant, energy will be seized for public institutions for five years.

In parallel with its preparation, we will prepare energy purchases, which would then be sold to the general public at suitable prices, said Skela last week.

The emergence of a small shop in the region. The governor of the Pardubice region, Martin Netolick, on behalf of the SSD, pointed out that this is a long step, but he has to supplement it, he added. He changed, for example, my price regulation. He recalled that the regions still do not have useful electronics, for example for hospitals or bikes for five years. We had repeated meetings, but no one came forward, he added.

The possible energy price ceiling will be discussed on Friday by the extraordinary European Council for Energy. In this context, Skela emphasized that the key is for the European ministers to reach an agreement. Otherwise, according to the minister, the energy market will react to further price increases.

According to Skelá, the council will deal with it in a number of ways, for example, the ceiling on energy prices, the separation of electricity and gas prices on the stock market, or the new proposal of the European Commission to regulate energy prices from nuclear or coal-fired power plants. In this connection, Skela said, a pan-European agreement has been reached, because two conservative states now have a view on mon regulation.

State power for EPH and Sev.en Energy

Minister Skela approved Daniel Ketnskho’s Energetick a prmyslov holding (EPH) company and Pavel Tyka’s Se.ven Energy group about the loan for the deposits that electronics manufacturers have to make when trading on the energy exchange. But he didn’t mention the names.

Composites are currently reaching record highs due to high energy prices. The Ministry of Finance therefore supported the loan with a loan to the semi-public company EZ. I’ll give you billions of euros (no more than 74 billion crowns).

According to Skela, the loans will help bring stability to the energy market. Even the best traders in the world do not have enough liquidity at the moment to be able to sell, he explained. According to him, companies cannot offer electronics for sale because they do not have enough money for deposits that guarantee sales. At the same time, the minister wants to discuss pan-European guarantees in the field of the EU.

In exchange for the loan, Skela wants to negotiate with the companies about how to keep the heat for five seasons, or about energy purchases for the public sector.

Deposits that energy producers have to deposit on the stock exchange are now unusually high due to record current prices. Our group has billions of euros in them, said Ji Feist, only the board of directors of the EP Power Europe group from the EPH holding. After a hundred years, the group of entrepreneur Daniel Ketnskho gave similar support to what EZ received. The company Sev.en Energy also confirmed the request for state assistance with the payment of stock market debt for the billions of Pavel Tyka.

Deposits, so-called margins, are required by the stock exchange as protection for electronics dealers. Their price depends on the price of electronics, which is currently unusually high. This is why the Ministry of Finance signed a contract with the semi-public energy company EZ in the amount of billions of euros (in total, K74 billion). The spokesperson of the company stated that similar assistance is provided to energy companies, for example, in Germany.

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