CZ castles were located under Bezdze. Klus philosophized, Chinaski argued

CZ castles were located under Bezdze. Klus philosophized, Chinaski argued
CZ castles were located under Bezdze. Klus philosophized, Chinaski argued

The program was offered by Poke, Anna K. or Tom Klus, for example, his performance could be divided into spoken and sung.

First of all, his speeches between the songs created moments like those of a teacher of Eastern philosophy. And if it weren’t for guitarist Jiho Kuerovska, who elegantly brought Kluse back on track, the fans wouldn’t have heard a single hit.

When it finally came down to them, Klus would often let himself be helped by improvisation and instead sing the text about what he saw around.

The band Mig 21 got a lot of attention from the women. Charismatic Ji Machek performed dances of voices and movements, and took away several pieces of women’s lower ass from female fans.

To what extent was their speech authentic, if we look at the fact that the group started flying on stage during the song “Take off your panties”.

Before midnight, the program in question was closed by Mirai. If frontman Mirai Navrtil claimed on social media that he was a little ill, he responded with Greeks.

On Saturday afternoon, the dance metal band Trautenberk took care of the first party in the podhrad. The lyrics of their songs, for example pas Kdy se kc les, so Latvian could not have been the opposite of Xindla X, who, through his hits, loved Immanuel Kant for an hour.

Visac zmek remembered that this year he was celebrating 40 years of music, played Znmka punk and Traktor and proved that his fans will come to visit him this year.

Wild Bill didn’t celebrate his birthday, but he forgot that it was autumn. “I’m celebrating the end of the summer,” said Vclav Blha, who, thanks to his thick beard and richly curled hair, was reminiscent of the director Zdek Troka.

And in honor of Toi Toik, his colleague, who literally spat fire during one of the songs, threw down Blho’s joker, pyrotechnic elements are prohibited in the forest under Bezdze.

At the end of the year, Kuba Ryba, the frontman of the band Rybiky 48, also stopped by the Hrad stop. I have such a Tbor syndrome, it’s a bit long and it’s summer, Ryba was impressed. For the rest of the performance, he put on a real punk show.

Not only the festival under Bezdze, but the entire summer season, were then taken care of by the Chinaski team. After years ago, a hurricane swept through the band’s composition, they confirmed it, so it’s no longer possible to talk about a high performance at the end of the entire festival season.

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