Britain learns the name of the new prime minister. Johnson at the head of the party con

Britain learns the name of the new prime minister. Johnson at the head of the party con
Britain learns the name of the new prime minister. Johnson at the head of the party con

Fifty-eight-year-old Johnson, who has been the head of the government since 2019, announced his resignation with the arrest of the government under pressure from fellow parties and the public. He did so after several hundred members of his party resigned from government positions. The wave of resignations was first started by Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid.

Johnson is expected to resign on Tuesday, the day of Queen Elizabeth II. appoints a new British Prime Minister and Prime Minister. He and his government will have to deal with many of the world’s most difficult problems – the energy crisis, especially rising prices, and even the problems caused by Brexit.

Johnson is a controversial figure in British politics. His followers praise him for his free-spiritedness, unconventionality and humor, with which he appeals to non-traditional British conservative voters. His critics accuse him of lying, elitism, contempt for rules and laws. Political commentators call his style opportunistic, populist and pragmatic.

Johnson became the British Prime Minister on 24 January 2019, a day after he was elected to the Conservative Party. He succeeded Theresa May in the functions, who failed to negotiate the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU. After his election as prime minister, he repeated many times that Brexit will be carried out by the set deadline of the end of January 2019, no matter what.

Since the summer of 2019, he has negotiated with Brussels to change the terms of the Brexit agreement, but he was unable to secure the approval of the parliament, and therefore had to apply to the Union for a postponement of the withdrawal deadline. In the end, he decided to end the stalemate by holding elections, just as his predecessor, Mayov, had done. In the December 2019 elections, the Conservatives won an absolute majority in parliament. And at the end of January 2020, Britain left the European Union after 47 years.

Johnson’s role in the British government, however, was taken over by Africans. The main ones included cases surrounding the comparison of anti-epidemic measures introduced in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. At the beginning of December, the British media first appeared about beliefs not only in Johnson’s meeting in Downing Street during the coronavirus lockdown. Last January, for example, Johnson was criticized for a bike ride he took during the lockdown due to the coronavirus.

He was criticized for his approach to the corrupt firms of the Conservative Party. Last year Johnson was involved in a scandal involving the renovation of his apartment in Downing Street, about which, according to people, party workers secretly wrote to him. Due to the mounting scandals, Johnson met with a revolt by some conservative MPs, who called for his departure. This year, on June 6, the party ballot was lost by two, when it received the support of 211 members of the Conservative Party (148 were against).

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