Economically, the messenger of Comet m Furcha, but the aim is to go further aces

Economically, the messenger of Comet m Furcha, but the aim is to go further aces
Economically, the messenger of Comet m Furcha, but the aim is to go further aces

This confirmed the information from that 32-year-old Furch, who spent the last season in the vdsk league with Frjestad, was a priority for Kometa. The Prask native, who only during previous negotiations with Litvnov appeared to be interested in the entry clause in the contract and the possibility to go abroad during the season, signed up for those years in Brno.

Then he will return to the extra league. When the offer for cooperation appeared from Kometa, it was interesting for me. I wanted to retire after the season, but I waited too long, and nothing interesting appeared. I also had the idea in my head that the drink would bring me back to the eska, said Furch in an interview for the Komety website.

Just like that, the Brno hockey boss Libor Zbransky made moves. After he got a new general sponsor, the Czech company Betano, he took up arms.

Let’s wait for the last post, he confirmed. Mme essentially represents the defense, manaft has to sit down. We will start working on a different game system and have no other goal than to play in the upper levels of the table. I want to complete the core around (captain) Martin Zaovie, the contracts are complete, said Zbransk.

In Brno, the upcoming season will bring joy to Kometa fans.

Matej Tomek Marek iliak and Furcha from the Slovakian tandem are now in goal. With Petlak in goal, I have experience from last season, when Iliak and Tomek switched places in the lineup with Jakub Sedlk, but then the Brno man in the mask mowed down injuries.

I don’t want to talk about whether someone is number one or number three, said Zbransk, but it can be assumed that the second round is filled first with the newly engaged Furch.

And long? There is speculation about Brno’s interest in the Karlovy Vary representative Jiho ernoch. There is talk of the fact that if he doesn’t arrive in Brno before the end of the extra league, then he should transfer in the January deadline, taking into account the rest of the season.

I don’t always keep a reserve in circulation so that we can react if someone is free on the market and joins our system, confirmed f Komety.

He wants to move his club’s ambitions to where they were before the 2016/17 season, when Brno last had a similar massive gym. It is positive that old and experienced guys were drinking. It’s all about games. We are stronger in defense than last year, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. We have to confirm it on the ice, the captain said to Zao.

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