We are afraid to go out. Locals describe the massacre in Canada, they even met the killers

We are afraid to go out. Locals describe the massacre in Canada, they even met the killers
We are afraid to go out. Locals describe the massacre in Canada, they even met the killers

The sound of sirens is rarely heard in the town of Weldon. This time they woke up the locals to a day that was deeply etched in their lives.

No one in this town will ever sleep again. The doors will be opened, one of the Ruby Works residents told the National Post.

A woman describes one of the victims of the warden, a seventy-seven-year-old widower, as someone who was close to her like an old man. I collapsed and fell to the ground. I knew him since I was a little girl, she describes her reaction when she learned of his death.

This is terrible, terrible. The door is closed now. Let’s close our homes, let’s not go out, l gave the local Diane Shierov fear that has taken over the city. Police advised residents of the affected area not to go outside.

After suspicions He warns that they are armed and dangerous. They especially fled in black cars.

No details were given about the perpetrators. Police identified them as Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson. Not sure if they are awake. In May, the non-profit organization Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers placed Myles Sanderson on the list of wanted criminals, noting that he is ineligible, the AP noted.

However, the author did not state the motive of the flow. The leader of the indigenous groups said nothing about the drug connection. This is the dire result of the scourge of illegal drugs destroying our communities, said the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, which brings together 74 Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan.

It’s terrible how a stay in prison, alcohol and drugs make life so difficult, said Michael Brett Burns to the Canadian television APTN, his partner and mother of two children is one of the victims.

They tried to get into our house

if the dancers were going to baptize, think June Carrierov too. According to n, they were trying to get into his house to steal a car. They tried two. They didn’t knock, a close encounter ensues. The weaver dog alerted her to the fact that there was someone unknown to her.

the woman stared at the man in the sweatshirt for two. Then she saw him getting into someone else’s car, not his. She didn’t notice his wet bag. It pissed me off. I’ll be aware of what could happen.

Doreen Leesov thought she ran into one of the tanks with her daughter. He approached them and begged for help. He didn’t show his tv. The dog was wearing a big jacket, describes the suspect. He commented on his unusual appearance by saying that he has a wounded face and cannot show it. T did not want to reveal his name.

When the women said to call for help, he ran away. He was a little nervous, Leesov said. She wanted to follow him to make sure he was safe, but his daughter grabbed her.

The Weldon shooting is one of the worst in Canadian history. The latest massacre took place in 2020, when Gabriel Wortman, the owner of a dental implant company, killed 22 people in 13 hours in 16 places in the province of Nova Scotia, dressed as a policeman. In general, there are no mass murders in Canada, not in the neighboring United States.

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