Mdn police go to hell, to Holubov’s daughter: Her pet arrived in a skirt

Mdn police go to hell, to Holubov’s daughter: Her pet arrived in a skirt
Mdn police go to hell, to Holubov’s daughter: Her pet arrived in a skirt

The daughter of Eva Holubov (63) and Karolna Zdekov (27), although she called for resourcefulness, originality and the courage to stand out, she did not show much during the last week. She grabbed what was sure to be in the closet and left. Next to her friend, Matje Papriak (31), who wore a skirt, and her friends, she looked like ed, in which she fell asleep. On the other hand, her friends took it easy and paid tribute to the legendary Berlin techno party Love Parade.

Mdy week, fashion week. a time when there are no limits to creativity. Nothing is forbidden and everything is permitted. Ponoks in sandals at dvno are not a mdn faux pas, Eva Holubov’s daughter Karolna Zdekov had a dream in connection with the explosion of honey.

She set off on it alongside her friend Matje Papriak. The former soccer player, model and Survivor reality show member wore a checkered skirt and rolled up his ankles so that they were proudly peeking out of his ankle boots.

Guys start wearing skirts and heels and nobody cares. And that’s about time. And you can wear whatever you want! Mdn police go to hell! exclaimed a young lady who had many bees and zmnchs at the fashion week. Vak also promoted them on Instagram.

Contrary to what you say, Karolna dressed up for the event. She drank obleen as if she were going to a party, having coffee with friends or going on a light trek.

There was no shortage of interesting models on the honeymoon week: Eva Holubov’s daughter Karolna and her husband Matje Papriak were also present.

She was not particularly interested in the bright model, and the silver sneakers didn’t save it either. Even his famous mother knows how to take things off. However, Holubov missed this year, preferring to relax in Sicily, where the family owns a house.

On the other hand, Zdekov’s friends did not underestimate the preparations for the day’s event. With their outfits, they paid tribute to the LGBT community and also to the legendary techno party Love Parade, which took place in Berlin for years.

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