ONLINE: For the first loss against the Netherlands. Collapse after a break is not a jump

ONLINE: For the first loss against the Netherlands. Collapse after a break is not a jump
ONLINE: For the first loss against the Netherlands. Collapse after a break is not a jump

even after the unsuccessful opening game with Poland, they got confused in the beast of Saturday’s match with Serbia.

They overcame a 20-point deficit and forced the favorites to play until the last minutes. Even the dog, 68:81, was satisfied with the game played in the second half.

ONLINE: esko vs. Netherlands

We are following the Czech Republic in detail

We will have to win. There is no other way, Martin Peterka thought immediately after the match with Serbia on the soupee pivot Martin Peterka.

It remains to be seen if the crisis is averted. I know, yes, he said, that they will lead to a tight game against the Dutch.

Road to Berlin

From each style group proceed to the Berlin eight finals those dark.

Group D table:
1. POLAND 5 p. (3 saves)
2. ISRAEL 5 p. (3)
3. SERBIA 4 b. (2)
4. FINLAND 3 b. (2)
5. ESCO 2 b. (2)

It’s an incalculable soup. But if we repeat how we played in the second half with Serbia, then we should beat them, Ondej Sehnal said.

In addition, he also said one thing during the warm-up: I hope that Tom Satoransk, who is the key player for us, will be there for the rest.

While against Poland, the usual Czech power forward played for seventeen minutes, he did not start against the group’s favorite. Especially in order to heal the injured ankle that was pouring in the days before the tournament

I would like to honor myself as Tom Satoransk, but I can’t. I hope that it will improve in the next matches, he commented after the match against Poland for T.

Coming into the game today? What minutes will it be with? And will his cause be honored? That’s okay and you’ll be saved.

Escape with unpredictable competition.

In the match against the Serbs, the Dutch were able to finish second, but in the fourth quarter, the favorite only ran away with the final score of 100:76. The Dutch team was constantly charged by the impressive performance of 34-year-old veteran Worthy de Jong, who scored 28 points with a shooting ability of 80 percent.

The Dutch attacked Israel in a completely different way. From the beginning, they led half of the quarter, they drank about half a mile and half of the quarter, and in the second half of the quarter they lost.

Netherlands basketball player Worthy de Jong

In addition to de Jong, the twenty-one-year-old midfielder Keye van der Vuurst de Vries, who made his debut in November at the record-breaking age of sixteen, will impress with his lethality and agility. Under which the 221-centimeter-tall giant Matt Haarms will fight with the Czech pivots.

In the dark, no one scores points like de Jong. Vojtch Hruban (10.5), Martin Peterka (10) and Vt Krej (9.5) collected an average of around ten points per save in the first two games. Under which Ondej Balvn adds seven rebounds.

The Netherlands, at least before the start of the tournament, belonged to the unequivocal outsider of the group. EuroBasket for us starts on Monday, we can beat the Netherlands, we will do everything for it, coach Ronen Ginzburg joked.

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