Everything will be Ukrainian. Prepare shelters and supplies, Zelenskyi’s adviser urged the south of Ukraine and Crimea

“We ask the residents of the occupied territories, including the Crimean peninsula, to follow the announcements of the authorities on compliance with the recommendations during measures to end the occupation. It is already necessary to equip shelters, stock up with sufficient water and charge power banks,” Podoljak wrote on Twitter on Monday, adding: “Everything will be Ukrainian.”

For several weeks, Ukraine has been calling on residents of the occupied south of the country to prepare for evacuation in accordance with the counter-offensive. According to Reuters, Podoljak’s warning is significant because it includes Crimea. Russia annexed the peninsula in 2014, and occupied the rest of southern Ukraine since the invasion in February this year.

We will drive the Russians to the border, Zelenskyy promises

The war in Ukraine

Kyiv announced the counter-offensive without further details at the beginning of last week. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi subsequently declared that no one responsible for Kiev’s military plans would reveal anything concrete and advised Russian soldiers to flee from the occupied territories.

According to some estimates, the Crimean peninsula is beyond the range of Ukrainian weapons, but in recent weeks Russia has reported several explosions at military facilities. Kyiv has denied responsibility for the incidents.

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