Sniper with precision hand. Peterko’s triples destroyed the confidence of the Dutch

At the same time, the unexpected hero of the match experienced every shot from a distance very emotionally. “These were blows to the self-confidence of the Dutch. I myself was surprised how much space I got from them. But when they were pulling under the basket against Veselka, they were leaving me free shots,” explains the 27-year-old pivot.

Just on Monday, his move from Braunschweig to Würzburg was confirmed as part of the German Bundesliga. And former Croatian international Krešimir Lončar, as the manager of Peter’s new club, knows well who he got: “He has an unusually high success rate from distance and reads the game very well. With his ability and high basketball IQ, he will be an important man for us.”

Peter is pleased with such praise. “Now they are probably wondering what kind of sniper they signed. But it’s been in the trash for me since the first training session, so I’m just trying to take advantage of it. I’ll probably have to remove my hoops on Thursday evening and take them with me to my next engagement,” smiles the Czech international, whose club duties will not start until the end of September. Now he only has the national team on his mind.

“We had to seriously step into it. The first victory is above all a great psychological relief,” says Peterka, knowing that it did not come easily. “It requires paying more attention to the blind spots, maybe we thought with a clear halftime lead that it would go away on its own. The third quarter was quite wild, but the important thing was not to let go of the lead. We had a great second half against the Serbs, the first with the Dutch, so on Tuesday against the Finns, hopefully we will finally give both,” he claims.

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