We will see the new iPhones in the middle. The manufacturers of the cover should be clear

We will see the new iPhones in the middle. The manufacturers of the cover should be clear
We will see the new iPhones in the middle. The manufacturers of the cover should be clear

In the middle of the evening, we will see the premiere of the iPhone series 14, which will be an event that many have been waiting for for a long time. It’s just that for service manufacturers, they are often late with the design and manufacture of these products on the day they are officially revealed to the world. In short, he must be able to take a little risk and, above all, have the ability to guess what is going to happen.

It’s probably nothing like that with iPhones. Relatively detailed information about new products from Apple has been circulating on the Internet for several months, and yet it seems that it is worth the work of the production staff. If the new products are as big as you want them to be, it will essentially be worth producing only two covers: for the large and small iPhone, independently of the Pro unit.

The cheaper pair of summer novelties will have essentially the same dimensions as the new one (both with 6.1- and 6.7-inch displays). It is also assumed that they will carry many other identical design elements: flat sides, similar dimensions of the camera module, the same local pressure and lightning connector. Well, at least in theory.

And so at the IFA trade fair in Berlin, we were also able to meet manufacturers of accessories who are very confident in what they learn and in the center. On the wall of designer Njord covers, we found them next to packages with covers for models of the iPhone 14 series. What’s more, the manufacturer of the cover confidently says that the cheaper model with this display will be called the iPhone 14 Plus:

The manufacturer of the cover, which allows us to use the rather unusual material of salmon, has a short cut with the given dimensions for the preparation of news and is apparently ready to supply its covers to customers as soon as the new iPhone is available. We randomly tried to visit the website of another manufacturer, namely the PanzerGlass cover, where we could not find any covers for iPhones.

I’m a bit confused as to whether the covers from the current series 13 won’t fit you on the new iPhones. If Apple doesn’t at least change the location of the buttons and buttons for silent mode (which they often do), then there wouldn’t even be a need for a whole new cover . However, the knowledge of a certain analyst appearing on Twitter under the pseudonym Ice Universe indicates that slight changes in the local pressure of the oven will only be possible:

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