I’m not young anymore, Nadal lamented after the shock. LeBron congratulated the conqueror

I’m not young anymore, Nadal lamented after the shock. LeBron congratulated the conqueror
I’m not young anymore, Nadal lamented after the shock. LeBron congratulated the conqueror

“It’s like the world stopped. I didn’t hear anything for a minute. I don’t even remember what I said to him when we shook hands. Everything was a blur. I was crying so it was hard to see him and my team. It was crazy, my heart was pounding a thousand miles an hour,” recounted the overjoyed winner.

The world number 26 hit a three-pointer. The tennis player, whose Grand Slam peak was the round of 16, stepped up to become a 22-time champion.

“But I went into the match thinking I could win,” Tiafoe said. “And it worked, I played really well.”

Which even the defeated Nadal had to admit: “The difference was simple: I played a bad match and he played a good one.” That is all. I was unable to maintain a high level for a long period of time. I wasn’t fast enough, I couldn’t push him. Court position often matters in tennis. And when you don’t have good ones, you need to be very, very fast and very young. And I’m not like that anymore.”

The favored Spaniard was wanted from the beginning of the match. He couldn’t find a weapon against the cannon serve of the courageous American, then he lost his serve in the seventh game of the opening set.

Although he equalized in the second act, when his opponent helped him with a double fault during a set ball, he did not take advantage of the psychological advantage. Tiafoe again served excellently in the third set, then turned from 1:3 to 6:3 in the fourth.

Spain’s Rafael Nadal concentrates on hitting in the round of 16 of the US Open.

“I had chances, but I couldn’t use them,” regretted the Spaniard. “He played with the right determination, I have to congratulate him.”

“I don’t think Rafa was in the best physical condition,” noted Eurosport pundit Alex Corretja. “He didn’t have enough energy to dictate the tempo, he was late with the balls. I don’t know if he had a problem or if it stemmed from Tiafoe’s fast and annoying game.’

In any case, Nadal’s performance in the round of 16 underlined that the US Open did not catch him in an ideal mood. He struggled in the first and second round.

US Open 2022

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“The week before the tournament I trained really well, but when the competition started, my level dropped. I don’t know why, maybe I was mentally affected by everything that happened in the last months,” he recalled the numerous injuries that accompany him this year.

However, he did not want to make excuses for the difficulties. He was naturally saddened that he was unable to add another title after his triumphs at the Australian Open and Roland Garros. At Wimbledon, he withdrew before the semifinals due to an abdominal muscle injury, and at the US Open, he dropped out for purely sporting reasons.

And he will not increase his collection of 22 Grand Slam trophies this year in New York.

“I need to fix things in my game and in my life. And then I’ll be back, I just don’t know when yet. I will try to be mentally prepared as well. When I feel I’m ready to compete again, I’ll come back,” he assured.

After the Spaniard’s elimination, it is certain that a new Grand Slam champion will be born at the US Open on Sunday.

It will be someone from the eight Tiafoe (24 years old), Rubljov (24), Alcaraz (19), Sinner (21), Ruud (23), Berrettini (26), Khačanov (26) and Kyrgios (27).

“It’s cool to see a new era,” says Tiafoe.

In his next campaign, he will also rely on the support of a certain famous compatriot. Basketball player LeBron James, who congratulated him on Nadal’s scalp on Twitter with the message: Congratulations, young king!!! You fought it!

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“In the dressing room I was going absolutely crazy. I’m a big fan of his,” cheered the tennis player at the press conference. “When I saw the post, I was like, ‘Should I retweet him as soon as he sent it? Or will I be cool and pretend I didn’t see him and retweet him in three hours?”

If he succeeds in Wednesday’s quarter-finals, he will surely earn more admiration.

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