Jan ika could be censored in n, to Petr Jkl about his new film

Jan ika could be censored in n, to Petr Jkl about his new film
Jan ika could be censored in n, to Petr Jkl about his new film

For a film about a famous Czech warrior, rd Jkl would use his favorite films Staten srdce or The Last Samurai.

I also want to promote the Czech Republic abroad. I’m a big patriot and I’m excited to be here. It was a dream to make a film like Staten srdce, but about an Czech hero and Czech history, he reveals.

Petr Jkl sees the film in connection with the wolf to Ukraine as a positive. When a person sees injustice, there is a need to help. And that’s what Jan ika is about. I am against fighting and wolves. It’s very unpleasant for me and I can’t stand how people can get into such an extreme situation when a wolf happens. Mm rd Czech nature, which will come to an agreement. We don’t have the hot head like some nations, he comments.

According to Peter Jkl, the only positive side of the crisis situation is that people will start helping each other and realize how bad things really are.

To the question of whether I would be prepared to go into battle in an extreme situation, answer: I don’t let myself get sidetracked easily, but when something happens, I am willing to do anything that would change the situation. And even that is according to the city’s culture Many times in my life I got into situations where I had to go judo. So I guess I’m quite ready.

Petr Jkl is not in active positions. I don’t know if they would take me. But it’s great when someone cares. All my life I have been around people who are in the army or the police, and in some films I had military training and in my own way I enjoyed it, he added.

To make a film about Ikov’s birth and the time when he was an old man, Petr Jkla was tempted, because it was about an example that the public does not know in such detail. He is actually not that well known either. We only knew him as a warrior, an accomplished hunter, but I was interested in how he got there, he explains.

Petr Jkl and Michael Caine debate on the Karlovy Vary terrace about the film Jan ika (August 22, 2021).

According to Jkel, films like Jan ika are for American risk studies, or he doesn’t eat you as much as he does superhero films. They are very generous and they cannot tell if it will pay off. Moreover, in the USA, don’t be so interested in the European currency. They take care of their history, he comments.

In addition to the USA, Jan ika will also be released in Germany and England. It is sold practically all over the world. But we missed you India. India does not buy such films. Create a world and only here and there something will get there, he said. In this way, the film is listed in Japan or n. The first one, however, could be censored. I wonder how good such censorship could look. Since it’s also a fight for freedom, they don’t have to be proud of it. But I don’t know, uvd.

Petr Jkl wants to take a break as a director at this time, but as a producer he intends to work on it. I’m finishing a movie with Morgan Freeman. The movie with Pierce Brosnan is done. Te vz zanu toit with one really male actor in Australia, but I can’t tell you about it, k.

In the future, Petr Jkl rd would like to make a film about the world of judo. A film about judo would be nice, but it is difficult to make a film about such a sport and it is enough to paint the athlete’s feelings for the girl. Pbh has to be so interesting that a wild person drinks it.

Trailer for the film Jan ika:

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