We will not leave anyone in a difficult situation, says the Austrian. STAN started the hot phase of the campaign

The main theme of the intense phase of the campaign is to be energy, the same focus was chosen a day earlier by the coalition Pirates. In addition to the chairman of the movement, Vít Rakušana, the opening ceremony at the site of the old wastewater treatment plant in Prague’s Bubenč was attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela, under whom the topic of energy falls, and the 1st vice-chairman of STAN Lukáš Vlček.

“In recent weeks, we have quite rightly heard one word in the social discussion, and that is energy. Problems with energy prices, fear of energy self-sufficiency. We must also come up with a clear message in the municipal campaign. We have a solution, we are solving energy prices and we will not leave anyone in an unsolvable and difficult situation,” said the Austrian.

“Solving the energy crisis is the absolute priority of the STAN movement, both at the national level and at the municipal level,” added the head of the movement.

We are managing Prague correctly, Hřib declared. Pirates have started a sharp phase of the campaign

Communal election

In the last municipal elections, the STAN movement merged with TOP 09 in the metropolis under the United Forces for Prague brand. The group then took a seat in the city administration together with the Pirates and the Praha Sobě movement. Now STAN is running independently in Prague, led by the current deputy for territorial development, Petr Hlaváček.

“It is obvious that we are in a difficult situation, and we need not only an energy solution, but also enough energy. I’m still looking forward to the philharmonic and high goals, but it’s clear that energy and affordable housing are a much bigger priority at the moment,” said Prague leader Hlaváček.

In the future, according to him, Prague could obtain a significant part of energy from the rebuilt waste incinerator or in coordination with the processors of polluted water.

Síkela is preparing an energy amendment

In his speech, Minister Síkela said that his department wants to submit an amendment to the Energy Act to the Chamber of Deputies this autumn, which will, among other things, focus more on the production and sharing of energy at the municipal level.

For example, he plans to establish certain local communities, within the framework of which several households would share the energy obtained from the solar panels on the houses.

When the government movement started its campaign in April this year, the Austrian called the municipal elections “key”, after all, STAN chose a key as its symbol. At that time, the Austrian said in a speech that STAN wanted to appeal to voters by presenting them with “good examples” of its representatives from practice.

However, in the following months, this intention was completely overshadowed by the causes of the government movement. The STAN movement was damaged the most by the Dosimeter corruption case concerning the influencing of public contracts in the Prague transport company. The then head of the Prague STAN cell and now ex-deputy mayor Petr Hlubuček also ended up among the accused.

After the outbreak of the case, STAN amended the list of candidates and excluded both Hlubuček himself and people associated with him. Whether the Prague leader STAN Hlaváček managed to regain the trust of the voters will be shown only by the municipal elections, which take place on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September. Simultaneously with them, senate elections will take place in selected constituencies.

Hlubuček was released from custody. He is considering coming to the meeting of the Prague council


“I think that we will be able to sell our successes in the communal campaign and that all the doubting voices, whether we will succeed or not, are odd. When I see the quality of the candidates, I am convinced that the STAN movement will be among the strongest in the municipal elections,” the head of the Austrian movement concluded his speech.

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