Fiala: The solution to high energy prices will be ready

“On Friday, we will see what we can achieve at the European level. This will be followed by the presentation of a national solution, which will supplement or replace the European one,” said the Prime Minister during his visit to Hořice on Tuesday.

“I find more and more support for reaching a European solution, which was not here a month ago. The situation in Europe is moving significantly also thanks to our activities,” he said, adding that according to the agreement at the European level, the Czechia will choose the option of a national solution.

“The goal is clear, so that citizens and companies have enough energy at affordable prices,” said Fiala.

On Friday, an extraordinary European Council for Energy is being held, which was convened in Brussels by the Czech Republic as the country holding the EU presidency.

The EU will discuss two proposals for solving energy prices in Prague


According to the Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela (STAN), there are two possible scenarios on the table.

One envisages separating the price of gas from the price of the final power plant, which determines electricity prices. “This means that the high gas prices, which are the subject of the energy war, do not affect electricity prices,” said Síkela.

The second proposal wants to establish maximum prices for all other electricity productions except gas.

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