Please wait for us at night. Erdogan threatens Greece

“Greece has to think about what kind of relations it wants with Turkey. As I say, one night we can come,” Greek daily Kathimerini quoted Erdogan as saying on Tuesday.

Already on Monday after the government meeting, the Turkish president said on television that Greece is no match for Turkey politically, economically or militarily.

On the same day, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also stated that the refugee camp near Athens is a base for terrorists, which Greece then sends to Turkey to carry out attacks. Athens called it lies and another provocation by Ankara.

Erdogan: Crimea must return to Ukraine


The long-strained Greek-Turkish relations between the two historic rivals and NATO allies were once again sharpened by the Turkish president’s rhetoric over the weekend, when he declared that Greece would pay a high price if it continued to violate Turkish airspace in the Aegean Sea with its planes.

On Tuesday, the Greek daily Kathimerini wrote that on Monday, Turkish drones violated Greek territory when they flew over the island of Kinaros.

Tensions in the islands

Some Greek islands in the Aegean Sea are very close to Turkey, and the two countries have long accused each other of encroaching on space and violating international law.

The relations between Greece and Turkey in recent years have also been clouded by migration from Turkey to Greece and mining exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, including in the area of ​​Cyprus, which is divided into Greek and Turkish parts.

On Sunday, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) also criticized Erdogan’s statements on Saturday.

“One of the goals of the Czech EU presidency is to strengthen the dialogue between the EU and Turkey. Unacceptable threats to one of the EU members, such as those addressed to Greece in recent public speeches by President Erdogan, are very harmful in this regard,” said the MFA, according to ČTK.

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