The Post Office will add a SIPO fee when the document is sent by email

“Please check the amount of the collection limit for the SIPO service at your bank and, if necessary, increase it by CZK 5 so that the October and subsequent payments take place without complications. We recommend that you increase the direct debit limit as soon as possible,” Česká pošta urged customers in an e-mail notification.

According to the Aktuálně.cz server, the payment will be automatically deducted from the client’s account on the given day, and the post office will subsequently, also automatically, send him an e-mail with a confirmation. The company charges five crowns for this. If the customer wants to send a document in paper form, it will cost him 15 crowns. A one-time payment order costs the same. At the post office, they will pay 25 crowns for processing the SIPO and 29 crowns at the delivery person.

“Since October, the Czech Post has charged a fee for the processing, administration and sending of the SIPO document in electronic form. It thus responds to the increasing costs of managing the database and systems through which one payment is sent to multiple accounts that the SIPO payer has indicated. We approached the lowest possible amount of five crowns, which only covers the increased costs,” said spokesman Matyáš Vitík.

Czech Post will receive state aid of 7.5 billion, approved by the EU


Three million people use the SIPO service. The abbreviation SIPO stands for the name: “Combined collection of population payments”, which is a service that allows combining several regular collection orders from different companies into a single payment that is automatically deducted from the payer’s account.

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