Footage of a horrific car chase accident with a Cadillac on the D1, the driver is in custody

On Sunday, August 28, before 5 p.m., the police chased a car on the D1 highway near Bravantic in Novojičínsk after its driver allegedly drove away from a gas station in the Olomouc Region without paying.

A police investigation later revealed that a 29-year-old man from Latvia was behind the wheel. He was recently charged with public endangerment.

According to initial information, shortly after the accident, the man had a positive orientation test for addictive substances. “However, a special toxicological examination did not confirm this fact. The man should not have been under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances while driving,” police spokesman René Černohorský informed on Tuesday about developments in the case.

He didn’t pay at the gas station

According to criminal investigators, the driver left an unpaid bill at the gas station for more than two thousand crowns. During the following pursuit on the D1 highway in the direction of Ostrava, he threatened and restrained other drivers, after which he caused an accident near the village of Bravantice. Police previously said the Cadillac rammed into two cars and crashed.

According to Černohorský, the frantic driving directly endangered the lives of eight people – a 32-year-old passenger, three people in a crashed Renault Scénic car, two people in another crashed Honda vehicle, and another two-member crew of an as yet unidentified car with a Polish brand, whose driver had to brake sharply during the accident and pull over steering into the turning lane to avoid a collision.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The pursuit and accident of the Cadillac on the D1 highway

The police subsequently discovered that the Cadillac was in the Latvian wanted database. They did not specify whether the vehicle was stolen or the record was related to other criminal activity.

The pursued driver was sent to custody by the court after being charged. His passenger was released by the police because no criminal activity was proven against him.

The circumstances of the case are still under investigation.

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