Enraged, the Czechs scolded the referee. But we don’t want to make excuses, they agreed

Enraged, the Czechs scolded the referee. But we don’t want to make excuses, they agreed
Enraged, the Czechs scolded the referee. But we don’t want to make excuses, they agreed

Three fouls cost the author of 13 Czech points a longer stay on the board. He did not add any more to the 13 minutes, after two quick offensive errors in a row, coach Ronen Ginzburg withdrew him from the game and did not play him at all until the final quarter.

“From my point of view, I tried to create space against smaller players, but the referees judged it differently. I don’t know, I think the advantage worked in my favor. Even the smaller players tried to play hard, so it really was hand to hand. Such contact must be expected there,” he shrugged after losing the duel.

Even Ondřej Balvín, Aud’s under-basket colleague, was not exactly enthusiastic about the judges. He recorded two fouls in the statistics.

“It just seems to me that they have a slightly stricter standard in some situations. And when the opponent on the other side does it, they don’t want to whistle it,” he explained to journalists. “But I don’t want to complain, that’s not what it’s about.”

All the Czech long men were punished for their misdeeds. Martin Kříž managed three fouls in less than four minutes on the scoreboard, Jan Veselý was guilty even five times, thus leaving the important match early, even though he was the team’s best scorer at the time.

Czech coach Ronen Ginzburg gestures.

But the Finns turned out similarly. Four of them recorded four personal fouls, and in the statistics of team fouls they “defeated” the Czech Republic in the ratio of 29:27.

“It seems to me that as a home team we don’t really feel the support of the referees. I’m not saying it should be, but I don’t know. Some fouls go quite against us, which then makes the situation more difficult for us. But it’s not something we should make excuses for,” Auda supported Balvín’s words.

Would the Czechs be overmotivated in front of a storming hall? Couldn’t handle the weight of the moment? They made the situation significantly more complicated, the road to the elimination fights in Berlin leads only through Israel’s two losses.

“The whistling here is a bit weirder than we are used to from our leagues. You have to adapt, and sometimes emotions buy in,” reflected Balvín.

Fouls prevented the Czech team from creating more significant pressure on the opponent, after two and a half minutes of the final quarter and five fouls, every other personal mistake of the national team meant free throws for the Finns.

“But we had more quarters like that, we picked up fouls quickly. That certainly didn’t help us. In any case, against Israel we will want to give it one hundred percent, we would certainly like to end the group on a positive note in Prague,” Auda pointed out.

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