esko piprav s Polky gas pipeline Stork II. We are under arrest, said Fiala

esko piprav s Polky gas pipeline Stork II. We are under arrest, said Fiala
esko piprav s Polky gas pipeline Stork II. We are under arrest, said Fiala

We must not make the same mistake as our predecessors in the government, who did not care about energy security, today we see the consequences. If the government had previously worked on the Stork II gas pipeline, we would be in a different place today. “Slovakia recently opened a connection with Poland first, and we are under arrest,” said Fiala.

On Tuesday, the Czech Prime Minister discussed with his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki the position of both countries towards the European energy sector, the support of the Stork II gas pipeline project and its contribution to the energy security of Central Europe. One of the Czech and Polish Prime Ministers will have an extraordinary meeting with the Minister of Energy of the Czech and European Union countries.

We agreed that there is a need to find a European Union and adjust energy prices so that they are acceptable to citizens and companies. I’m glad, even on this we have a clear agreement, said Fiala.

According to Fiala, there is a need to adjust the way electricity prices are currently set. Both our countries are for the European Union and we are glad that you came to them. Surely we have to talk about some form of ceiling prices, some form of law on how electricity prices are fixed in the European environment today, the Prime Minister shared.

I informed the Prime Minister that R is also preparing a national team in the event that what we want to achieve on the European level is not possible, Fiala added.

Fiala v erven said that the Czech Republic is going to be connected by a gas pipeline from Poland. At the end of April, Jet criticized the previous government of Andrej Babie for not ensuring sufficient political support for the Stork II project of the Czech-Polish gas pipeline. Babi rejected Fial’s criticism and pointed out that the Poles lost the bid to build the Stork II gas pipeline.

Stork II gas pipeline according to the original plan, it should have been part of a pan-European project called Severojin connected, the aim of which was to cut dependence on Russian gas by connecting a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Svinost in Poland and on the Croatian island of Krk. The Plan for the interconnection of gas systems of the Visegrad countries was born during the Czech EU presidency in 2009.

The first stage – the Stork I gas pipeline – was commissioned in 2011 and united Poland with the Czech Republic. But he only managed the gas pipeline from Eska to Poland. The construction of the gas pipeline cost 28 million euros (approx. 700 million K). Half was paid by the European Union from the program of economic support in the energy sector, which was abolished after the gas crisis of 2009. The investment on the Czech side of the border reached seven million euros, i.e. roughly 170 million crowns.

The Stork I gas pipeline was to be followed by the Stork II gas pipeline, which would lead from the border with the Czech Republic to Svinost, and then the Moravia gas pipeline to the Czech land. In Beclav, the BACI gas pipeline leading to Austria was to connect to it. However, the project was stopped in 2018 after the inauguration of the government of Andrej Babie, and now it is being considered for its renewal.

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