We are playing with fire at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, the head of the IAEA warned

According to him, shelling the building is extremely dangerous. According to Grossi, it is necessary to create a nuclear safety zone around the nuclear power plant, a kind of “protective shield or bubble”. According to him, military vehicles near the facility buildings must be removed. An external power supply to the reactors must also be ensured in order to ensure the cooling of the nuclear power plant.

This would have to be agreed upon by both parties involved in the conflict in order to prevent even more serious damage from hostile actions and the release of radioactivity. But Moscow rejects the proposals and claims that the Ukrainians are attacking the power plant.

Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vasiliy Nebenzya opposed the idea of ​​creating a demilitarized zone on Tuesday. “Ukrainians would immediately burst in and destroy everything. We are protecting the power plant,” said the diplomat.

Nuclear inspectors found damage near the reactors of the Zaporozhye power plant


Kyiv and Moscow accuse each other of shelling the power plant and attacks in its vicinity. At the same time, both sides deny attacking the facility.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report on Tuesday reporting the results of its mission to the plant. According to the report, the inspection noted damage near the reactor buildings as well as damaged infrastructure. The IAEA also said its inspectors at the plant confirmed the presence of Russian troops and military vehicles and equipment, and called for an end to the fighting on the plant site.

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