Apple will introduce new iPhones on Wednesday. And Samsung sews into them again

Apple will introduce new iPhones on Wednesday. And Samsung sews into them again
Apple will introduce new iPhones on Wednesday. And Samsung sews into them again

With a spot called Buckle Up, the American branch of Samsung points out one of the advantages of this year’s top model of the Galaxy S22 series, i.e. the variant with the nickname Ultra. This is a top-notch camera. The main sensor of this year’s iPhone 14 Pro, which Apple will present together with the “ordinary” iPhone 14 on Wednesday, September 7, is supposed to improve its resolution significantly compared to its predecessors, but the expected 48 Mpix is ​​probably not a sufficient innovation from the South Korean manufacturer’s point of view.

He’s literally saying that people who opt for the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max (which Apple will unveil on the evening of September 7th CET) will enter a world where heads won’t turn their way. To a world where a smartphone with the highest resolution camera won’t be in their pocket. Samsung points to the 108Mpix resolution of the main sensor of the Galaxy S22 Ultra model. And it goes even further.

It also highlights the 100x hybrid zoom. “That epic picture of the moon that gets all the likes … won’t be yours,” he once again takes a dig at users of the expected high-end iPhones, saying that such innovations cannot be expected in Apple’s smartphones anytime soon.

In the spot, in which he also incorporated the graphics of this year’s invitation to the Apple Event, Samsung will also show the summer novelty, the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip 4. It does not have the same camera parameters as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but both of these high-end Samsungs have a selling price close to the expected price iPhone 14 Pro. This is probably another slight nudge on Samsung’s part: Apple’s portfolio has so far lacked any foldable model.

Samsung has been digging into Apple for years

In this context, let’s recall probably the most successful set of advertising spots, i.e. those with the title Ingenius. In 2018, Samsung focused on the top model iPhone X at the time, or on functions in which Apple lagged behind its competitors. In the commercials, he portrayed an employee of rival Apple who cannot admit to customers that they cannot handle some of the iPhone’s functions.

This was not the only such attack on its main market rival by Samsung, other mobile brands have not left a thread dry on Apple in the past either (for more see They liked to dig into each other. Now to see such competitive nudging). However, Apple didn’t do anything about such a jab, although it could at least return it to Samsung several times. For example, in connection with the adoption of a display cut-out or a reduction to a headphone jack, for which Samsung also initially mocked Apple.

The American company will probably continue to do nothing from such competitive nudging. Even though users of Android smartphones have been using or knowing them for years, they are able to sell their innovations well and make them a significant advantage. However, perhaps this American giant will surprise us and we will see some of its response to Samsung’s account.

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