Horror disaster. It’s a game with fire, he said of the situation in the IAEA

Horror disaster. It’s a game with fire, he said of the situation in the IAEA
Horror disaster. It’s a game with fire, he said of the situation in the IAEA

We are playing with fire and something really very catastrophic could happen, said Grossi at a conference in New York on Tuesday. f Last week, the IAEA, together with other experts from its organization, personally went to the Zporosk nuclear power plant to assess the situation there.

Now there is a need for us to immediately agree on the creation of a protective shield or a bubble around the facilities, Grossi said in an interview with the American channel CNN. Secretary-General António Guterres called for the creation of a demilitarized zone around the power plant at a meeting of the Security Council.

However, the proposal was repeatedly rejected in the past by Moscow, which claims that the power plant was Ukrainian. Thus, on Tuesday, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vasiliy Nbenzya, stood against the demilitarized zone.

The Ukrainians would immediately burst in and destroy everything. We are blackmailing the power plant, this Russian diplomat told the newspaper, according to the AP news agency.

German ambassador to the UN Thomas Zahneisen, on the other hand, blamed Russia for the dangerous situation at the power plant at the Security Council meeting. Russia militarized the power plant. Russia deployed equipment and troops there, the DPA agency quoted the German ambassador as saying.

Both Kyiv and Moscow are particularly affected by the power station complex and the flow in its vicinity. Brush both sides straight so that they don’t stick to each other.

On Tuesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency first announced the results of its mission to the power plant. According to the first, the inspection noted codes in the vicinity of the reactor buildings and damaged infrastructure.

The IAEA stated that its inspectors at the power plant confirmed the presence of Russian troops and military vehicles and equipment, and called for an end to the fighting in and around the South Ukrainian facilities.

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