We want to remove the price ceiling for Russian gas from the EU Council, said Skela

We want to remove the price ceiling for Russian gas from the EU Council, said Skela
We want to remove the price ceiling for Russian gas from the EU Council, said Skela

On Friday, the minister wants to discuss, for example, separate prices for electricity and gas, tax changes for energy producers and distributors, or emission permits.

Supply from the Nord Stream 1 Skela oekval gas pipeline has been stopped. It’s a bite of energy wolves, we’re in there. What we expected happened. The decisive battle will start this winter. We did our best to prepare for it. But the high prices will end only when Europe finds a way to wean itself off gas.

Today’s spot energy prices can financially ruin a normal household

The Czech Republic has enough gas in its reservoirs for summer and winter. But the problem is the price, which is and especially will be quite volatile. In the efforts to reduce dependence on gas, the most urgent thing was to ensure enough gas before the winter. We succeeded, now we have 800 million cubic meters more in our inventory than we did last year, said the minister.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Fiala and I are going to Holland, where we will open a new LNG terminal, which will make it possible to reduce the verticality and density, Skela said.

one for all consumers

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO) has therefore prepared a set of measures for the impact of the energy crisis for all groups of consumers. Among them should be, for example, compensation for companies whose profitability has fallen. This was said by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Skela, at the daily session of the Senate Committee. According to him, the preparation of the guardian should go beyond the scope of existing agreements in the EU.

According to Skelá, the collapse of the agreement reached by the ministers of the EU countries responsible for energy will not lead to a crisis. Therefore, I have prepared a file on regulation and impact on energy prices. These will be exchanged for all groups of household consumers, public services, and the corporate sector, said the minister.

For households or public services, according to Skelá, there is the option of falling energy price ceilings. The state wants to proceed similarly with them. The minister also pointed out that it will be necessary to intervene in the national budget. This will depend on further developments in the energy market and agreements in the field of the EU, he said.

MPO has a proposal for compensation for companies. According to the minister, they did not receive two proposed compensations for businesses that went bankrupt. The new proposal should also offer the possibility of compensation to companies whose profitability has fallen due to the current crisis. In such a case, the state would divide the compensation according to pre-set criteria.

Skela thus repeated that we cannot leave the pan-European electronics market. We do export electricity to neighboring countries, but on the other hand, we have 100% increased the import of gas and oil. Therefore, we cannot leave the electronics market and then seek solidarity in other markets, added the minister.

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