The driver who killed a policeman with a blood alcohol level of two has been sentenced to 13 years in prison

The year before last July, Rudović got into a car with more than two per thousand of alcohol in her blood and despite the fact that she hit the mirror of a parked car right at the end of the drive from Vyšehrad to Pankrác, she continued her journey through Prague. Her speed in places exceeded 240 km/h and according to the indictment, she was unable to keep the car in her lane.

On the busy 5. května street, in the section where the maximum speed limit is 80 km/h, according to the public prosecutor, she was speeding at a speed of at least 150 km/h. While crossing from the left to the middle lane, Rudović rammed into the back of a police car in which a three-member crew was sitting. She threw the car into the barriers. A 31-year-old police officer from the Moravian-Silesian region, who was helping his colleagues in Prague, died on the spot.

The court opened an accident involving a drunk driver in which a police officer died

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Rudović did not deny her drunken driving, but claimed that she does not remember most of it. Before getting behind the wheel, she allegedly drank three bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka after arguing with her husband, who allegedly flirted with another woman at the Smíchov swimming pool, where they spent the afternoon. Experts also found traces of cocaine on her.

The case was initially heard by the District Court for Prague 4, but it came to the opinion that it might not be “only” a case of manslaughter due to negligence, but possibly also a general threat. The change in legal qualification was subsequently accepted by the Prague High Court and the case was referred to the municipal court, which heard the case from the beginning.

I drank a bottle of wine and shots of vodka. The driver confessed to the accident, which the policeman did not survive

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Prosecutor Petr Boš proposed an eight-year prison sentence for Rudović on Monday, i.e. a sentence at the very bottom of the statutory criminal rate for public endangerment.

“She was undoubtedly under the influence of alcohol. She was speeding down a relatively empty road at a speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour. We know that the 5th of May street can look significantly fuller. The consequences could have been worse,” Boš pointed out on Monday. “She managed the ride in her own way. Either she is a really good driver, or she is a person used to a significantly higher level of alcohol than she states,” he added.

The prosecutor wants more than eight years in prison for a woman who killed a police officer in an accident

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The family of the deceased and the injured police demanded less than three million crowns from the woman, she has already paid them part of the money. The deceased police officer was promoted to warrant officer in memoriam.

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